Minutes of the August 15, 2001 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Farideh Tehrani, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau, Ann Watkins

Copies of the table of content from a new ARL publication, Developing Indicators for Academic Library Performance, were distributed at the meeting. The data included in this publication and those available at the ARL web site (www.arl.org/stats/) can be used both for comparative purposes and for tracking trends in various areas. A variety of measures, ranging from items borrowed to volumes added per student or faculty, are possible and should be explored.

Based on a recently published article in College and Research Libraries which compares web-based and pencil-&-paper library satisfaction surveys, the two types of surveys could yield significant differences in responses. While web-based survey is easier to administer than pencil-&-paper survey, it is likely to generate a higher percentage of no responses. Which method is more appropriate depends on the nature of the questionnaire and the targeted respondents (library users).

A draft user survey on electronic reserves and how to run it were presented by Gardner and Watkins. They consulted the Access Services Committee and identified topics of interest related to electronic reserves. Two possible ways of administering the survey were proposed. If technically feasible, user respondents could access the survey through an intervening page with a hot link to the questionnaire after they hit the "reserve desk" button on the initial IRIS page. Alternatively, they could access from the initial "reserve desk" page which would include a brief statement asking them to fill out a questionnaire (or bypass it if they don't use electronic reserves) and a hot link to the survey. The draft questions were reviewed and discussed. Judy will revise the questionnaire incorporating comments made at the meeting. The survey will be finalized after a few tests and administered from October 21 to 27. While too imminent for this survey, it was agreed that we consider using new SPSS software which automatically codes data collected via web-based questionnaires for our future surveys. It would save considerable people power in using the data gathered and analyzing the responses.

Montanaro, Tallau, and Soong will present a draft questionnaire on e-sources at our meeting in November. The survey, once finalized, will be conducted in February 2002. A draft survey on Ask a Librarian will be prepared by Gardner (and Montanaro, if she agrees to work with Judy) at one of our meetings by January 2002. Once finalized, it will be conducted in spring 2002.

Using the ScienceDirect Customer Reporting tool, Tallau downloaded the ScienceDirect files and worked up the first usage statistics pages of our/NERL subscribed Journal titles, as well as some of the statistical tables which she shared with the committee members at the meeting. The statistical tables, including information on number of requests made by our users for full-text articles, PDF articles, articles Summary Plus, and HTML articles during each month, are very revealing. We want to make such information and other data we gather and compile locally readily available at the Assessment Committee webpage.

The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 26 (instead of September 19, as previously agreed).

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