Minutes of January 9, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau, Ann Watkins

The committee reviewed the results of two recent surveys of ARL libraries to get additional ideas for our assessment work. One survey is on library instructional support services, ranging from vedio production to distance learning classroom and instructional deveopment support, and the other survey on staffing the library website. Instructional support services are defined, for the purpose of this ARL survey, as services to support faculty in meeting their teaching objectives. The results of the survey on staff the library websites reveal that, to produce dynamic websites, a large number of library members at most ARL libraries are involved in various tasks related to the development, management, and maintenance of these websites.

Samson reported that a work group has recently been formed, chaired by Ellen Calhoun, to review the viability of acquiring MARCIVE services for a segment of our federal depository government documents collections to get the project of cataloging all depository items started. The pilot project will be funded using existing library funds. The results of the pilot will be used to demonstrate user impact and leverage funding requests for further cataloging of the remaining government documents. We discussed the possibility of gathering information before getting MARCIVE records needed to show the impact of having full cataloging records with location information in our online catalog. Some committee members pointed out that circulation data we could gather from IRIS represent only part of the positive "impact". The pilot project work group should suggest other measures and criteria to be used to demonstrate the differences. Ann M., who had some preliminary discussions with some of the work group members, will talk to them again concerning these.

Mike LeBlanc of SCC has made the changes we made to the e-journal questionnaire. The revised survey is at http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/ejournal_survey/. We decided to conduct this survey for two weeks, from Feb. 11 to 25, and have links to the survey from the "News and Events" section of the library website, the "E-journals" top page, the "A-G" page of alphabetical list, and the "H-Z"page. Samson will talk to Sam McDonald about establishing the links and also to Ron Jantz about the possibility of capturing information on from where the respondents actually began the survey.

The survey on Ask a Librarian is to be conducted in April. Judy and Ann M. will talk to members of the Real Time Reference Task Force (Borisovets, Kesselman, Maxymuk, Womack) before Judy and Ann formulate questions for the survey. The proposed questions will be discussed at our February meeting.

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