Minutes of the February 15, 1999 Meeting

The next Assessment Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 3 at 9:30 AM in the conference room on the 3rd floor of Alexander Library.

At its last meeting of Feb.3, the Committee spent considerable time to discuss issues involved in doing a journal cost per use study and considered some of the problems identified by Tallau. There are a large number of problems in capturing actual use data. There are also problems in determining separate prices for each journal title, e.g. when a number of journals are included in a package of titles or with a membership. Since SACCDM has asked Howard Dess and Addie Tallau to develop a methodology for doing a journal cost per use study, the Committee will continue its discussion of the related issues when their proposed study procedure is available


ARL is interested in identifying new areas and strategies in order to help its members in the areas of statistics, measurement, and performance. At the recent ARL survey coordinators meeting, some new areas of investigation were suggested, including "ease and breadth of access" (from the point of view of the user and measure how one gets what is needed, when it is needed, and where, in as unmediated a manner as possible) and "user satisfaction" (can we validly measure the degree to which our services meet the needs and expectation of our users and would a "standard" approach give us insight to best practices?), among other areas in which new measures could be developed.

The Assessment Committee will review the user survey questionnaire Rutgers Libraries used several years ago and consider simple user surveys that will collect useful data, including to what extent various new online services are used by students and faculty. The Committee is also interested in establishing a methodology for studying the new web pages before they are implemented, as well as after they are implemented. A sub-committee, Montanaro, Gardner, Beck, and Fabiano, will work with WAC and find out what that Committee has considered and to what extent the Assessment sub-committee can do to capture useful information.

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