Minutes of February 27, 2003 meeting

Paul Cabelli, Andrew Ruggier, Clothilde Twagermaiya, and Bob Hosh,Chair


  1. Discussion of redesigned Serials Cat. Worksheet
  2. Marcive Serials Postcat/Recon Project

1. Discussion of redesigned Serials Cat. Worksheet

The group focused their attention to a review and revision of a redesigned Serials Cataloging Worksheet done by Bob Hosh. The goal was to put all of the check-off items on one two sided worksheet to save space and paper.The new form was laid out so that all the pre-cataloging tasks were on the front of the form. On the back or reverse side were the post-cataloging tasks divided into two sections. The top half of the page is devoted to tasks needed for ALL titles (New as well as title changes) and the bottom half of the page was reserved for tasks needed ONLY for title changes.

2. Marcive Serials PostCat/Recon project

In addition, the group also discussed the list of steps to be taken to process the titles in the Marchive Serials PostCat/Recon project.  It was suggested that “change ‘Date Cataloged’ from ‘NEVER’ to ‘TODAY’ ” should be moved from second on the list to a position nearer the bottom.

Minutes submitted by Bob Hosh March 4, 2003

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