Minutes of May 17, 2004 meeting

Bob Hosh (Chair), Paul Cabelli, Andrew Ruggiero (Recorder)


  1. Compare Marcive statistics and workflow at Alex and LSM
  2. Discuss how to resolve two full records in IRIS when they are either two full Marcive records or one MARCIVE record and one local record?
  3. How to deal with bindery folder information for new titles and title changes.
  4. Review of and suggestions to improve the serials Cataloging Worksheet.
  1. The group reviewed the MARCIVE Load Group’s activities regarding the upcoming review of unit processing procedures.
    • The group reviewed and revised the unit processing flow-chart for MARCIVE MON-NEW monthly lists.
    • AR brought up that the “Transfer Title” button in SIRSI Workflows can be modified to transfer the last volume of a record when processing TMP – Full MARCIVE duplicates.  The user is then prompted if they want to go ahead and delete the TMP record.  This can save a lot of steps of copying and pasting call #s, which was the procedure that was being used up until this point for processing full-TMP MARCIVE duplicates.
  2. The group reviewed and updated the MARCIVE unit processing duplicate record guide.
    • PC will type the additions and updates and present it at the next Bib-Cat Meeting.
  3. Group reviewed the procedure for adding microfiche holdings with a generic barcode to a MARCIVE SER-NEW & OL record.  Both ALEX and LSM are adding a detailed holding  for each “envelope” or “packet” which has the same SuDoc call # of fiche inventoried in the respective library’s holdings.

4. The SER-NEW & OL summary tables for LSM and ALEX were reviewed.  It was noted that there is still a fair amount of information that needs to be added to the tables.  BH and AR will update this info before the GovDocPros meeting.


  1. Comparison of MARCIVE summary, processing and pulling statistics for LSM and ALEX
  2. How to deal with bindery folder information for new titles and title changes.


  1. PC/AR will update the MON-NEW unit processing flowchart with additions and corrections
  2. PC will update the MARCIVE processing duplicate guide with additions and corrections
  3. AR/BH will update the SER-NEW & OL summary tables with relevant information

Next Meeting Date: June 7, 2004 at ALEX

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