Minutes of January 29, 2003 meeting

Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Andy Martinez, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, and Jeff Teichmann.
Georgina Alonzo (sick), Nita Mukherjee (vacation), Antoinette Peteet (vacation).


1. Revised Billing Statistics Form

Andy distributed to the group the billing statistics form that he updated for the group (available in the Math folder on the LSM T-drive). The form now includes the statistic USERS BARRED, capturing the number of users each billing staff member bars when books become 40- days overdue.

2. Billing Documentation

Ines agreed to work with Marc Forster so that the groupís documentation for billing training would be made available in the groupís section on the NBAS web.

3. Midyear Report

The group reviewed its activities and achievements for the first half of the year. Five Most Significant Achievements by the New Brunswick Access Services Billing Functional Group since July 1, 2002:

4. Email Notices

Ines and Jeff both commented on how bad address problems with user emails have leveled off.

5. WorkFlows New Release

Andy commented on how the holds available message that comes up when discharging a returned recall now always includes the requesting userís name. He pointed out how this can cause errors. Already staff have been placing material on their home unitís hold shelf that instead should be shipped to another unit. Barry said he would ask Chris if we could propose a switch to red print for the name of the library to which the item is to be shipped.

Barry reported that the new release did not correct the problem with $5 fines beginning to accrue on the second day late rather than the first. The policy remains to charge the user the amount that the software has calculated.

6. Information Sharing

Shirley described to the group the difficulty she had with an angry faculty member who didnít want to take responsibility for books charged to the card of his research assistant.

Ana reported on her billing activities during Nitaís vacation. She also provided an update on renovations at the Douglass Library.

Andy and Barry spoke of the new exit security corridors installed at Math and Kilmer.

Jeff updated the group on the new employees in NBAS.

Barry reported on his attendance at the teleconference on Safeguarding Privacy on December 11th, an event in which over 200 locations in the United States participated. The New York Times reported on the teleconference in its December 12th edition. Information shared at this teleconference helped to shape RULís revised Access Services Policy Memo #3: The Confidentiality of Library Records (rev. 2/6/03).

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 2:30 p.m. at Kilmer.

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