Minutes of March 27, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Andy Martinez, Nita Mukherjee, and Ana Ramirez-Luhrs.
Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Jeff Teichmann.


Welcome Back, Georgina. The group welcomed back Georgina and wished her a full return to good health.

1. Using Note Field to Help Resolve Billing Problems

Barry initiated a discussion on how effective use of the user’s note field can help resolve billing issues. He stressed that we indicate any discussions we have with users either in person or via Ask a Librarian regarding bills and fines. This will strengthen teamwork among the staff in the various units, and will keep users from “shopping around” from unit to unit and initiating a new account of what has transpired. For example, if a user says that a friend has the overdue item—often this is revealed after prompting by the staff member—indicate that in the note. The group shared their particular experiences where notes had an impact on working with users.

2. Payments at Registrar and Contact with Delinquent Accounts

Antoinette reported that she now handles all reports from Linda Bloom of Delinquent Accounts regarding payments that have been made at the Administrative Services Building and academic holds that need to be removed. Antoinette has found it is more efficient to work with the report directly rather than divide it up and send it out to each unit for a follow through. The group thanked Antoinette for her “centralized billing” work.

3. Lost-Replacement Copies

Antoinette asked if it was okay to send lost-replacement copies directly to Collection Services with identifying paperwork rather than send the copies first to the owning unit. The group agreed that this was actually a better way of proceeding. Billing staff at the owing unit needs only to receive confirmation of an academic hold that has been removed elsewhere.

4. PALCI (EZBorrow)

The group discussed the introduction of PALCI as a service. Georgina and Andy, two experts in PALCI from their efforts coordinating the NBAS Rutgers Delivery Service Functional Group, offered their insights. Barry expressed his enthusiasm as a PALCI user. The consensus of the group was that PALCI is an exciting new service. Any billing concerns associated with a PALCI item will be handled by Interlibrary Loan Services

5. Information Sharing

Ana and Nita brought the group up to date with the renovations at the Douglass Library.

Andy reported on work being done at the Busch Campus, which would cause the Math Library to be closed Saturday, March 29, 2003.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 at 2:30 p.m. at Kilmer.

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