Minutes of January 28, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ines Gessner, Barry Lipinski(recorder), and Nita Mukherjee.
Ray Balter, Shirley Lewis, and Antoinette Peteet.


1. Knight Express Embarks at Alex

On January 15, 2004 a Knight Express service representative trained Jeff Teichmann, Barry Lipinski, and Judy Gardner on how to use the recently installed Knight Express workstation at Alexander Library. Antoinette Peteet received subsequent training. Knight Express is now available as a payment option for students, faculty, and staff who wish to pay their library fines and bills using their Knight Express card. Access Services staff are encouraged to direct any user who wishes to pay through Knight Express to visit the circulation desk at Alexander Library. Judy has posted a News brief on the RUL homepage introducing the Knight Express payment option. Ines Gessner, Nita Mukherjee, and Georgina Alonzo all offered suggestions for a handout that would briefly describe for our users their payment options. This was a follow-up to a suggestion made by Shirley Lewis in November regarding the usefulness of a handout that would focus on library fines and bills and various methods of payment.

2. Circulation Training Program: What Staff Need to Know about Billing

At the request of Michele Tokar, Coordinator of the NBACS Circulation Functional Group, the group discussed what information related to billing should be a part of the upcoming circulation training series to be presented by Jeff and Michele. The group felt the following should be covered:

Following the meeting, Barry would present to Michele the group’s ideas.

3. Mid-Year Review of Group’s Progress

The group reexamined its July 2003 Annual Report to see how it was doing in meeting its goals for 2003/04. Here are the results:

4. Receipt Books

A supply of books bearing RUL stamp is available through Lucye Millerand, RUL Administration.

5. Barred Users to be Placed on Academic Hold for Fall Registration

Barry informed the group that he has been in ongoing touch with Student Financial Services to determine the deadline for getting academic holds to SFC to insure that barred students will get warning letters regarding their obligations and Fall registration. Once the deadline is determined, Systems reports identifying barred users will be run, and Barry will divide the work among the group. Dana and Robeson will work off their own lists.

6. Information Sharing

Ines described her progress in making an Access document to chart billing activity. She reported that the software will be able to create a schedule for tracking claims returns.

Nita reported on the status of the Douglass D21 renovation.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. at Kilmer.

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