Minutes of August 31, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ines Gessner, Melissa John, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, Melanie Robinson, Penny Weniger, Don Wilson, and Chiaki Yamada.


The group began the meeting welcoming Melissa John and Melanie Robinson.

1. Old OVD-RECALL Holds Removed

The group began the meeting reflecting on the dynamic changes that have occurred in billing procedures in recent months, i.e., Assumed Lost bills for material 365 days overdue, notices for users who have recently left the university, alumni, community, and Vale borrowers. Now, the enhancement has arrived that will enable Systems to finally remove unavailable holds and the messages concerning them from users who requested material—sometimes years ago—that was recalled and never returned. As described in Judy Gardner’s email of August 30, 2004, the first step in introducing this enhancement was a one-time retrospective removal of all holds on OVD-RECALLs that were 41+ days overdue. Now, on a daily basis, we are removing 40-day old OVD-RECALL holds and sending users who placed these holds a Hold Cancellation Notice. For these items, we are creating an overdue recall bill and writing recall transaction information in a note in the user’s record before removing the hold. This data—the bill and the note—will serve to hold the user who did not return the overdue recall accountable for the fine.

Screen-by-screen training documentation regarding this new process of removing holds on OVD-RECALLs can be found at the RUL website under Staff Resources / Access Services / Training Documentation / Billing / Removing Holds on OVD-RECALLs.

Nita pointed out an example that she had shared with Chris Sterback that showed the header “photo of user” instead of “lost item” (Chris made the fix). Nita and Antoinette also pointed out that the billing information notes for the old OVD-RECALLs appears at the bottom of the user’s extended information instead of at the top, which, unfortunately, is contrary to staff procedure for adding notes, that is, the most recent note should be added to appear at the top. Barry said he would check with Chris to see if an adjustment could be made in where the system-created notes for OVD-RECALLS appear.

2. Lost Item Processing—Phase 1

Georgina emphasized the need for staff to be alert to select Checkouts / display options/ Inactive when working with users who have bills for long overdue, ASSUMED LOST material. These users will also be BARRED and their summary record in the user display will indicate the number of bills and the number of total checkouts (active and inactive).

Ines noted that when a ASSUMED LOST book is returned, the bill in the user’s record displays as CANCEL and remains in the user’s billing history.

Screen-by-screen training documentation for staff encountering ASSUMED LOST material can be found at the RUL website under Staff Resources / Access Services / Training Documentation / Billing / Lost Item Processing—Phase 1.

3. ILL Billing

Barry informed the group that the Billing Working Group had met with ILS staff (Mary Belasco and Brian Beyer) for a beginning discussion of how billing for PALCI and ILL items could be handled through WorkFlows. Currently, all payments for lost PALCI and ILL items are made at the ILS office. All correspondence with the user regarding overdue and billed PALCI and ILL items is handled directly by Brian, who places notes in the user’s record. The Billing Working Group has begun discussion of the possibility of changing procedures to allow for payment of PALCI and ILL items at a circulation desk. Barry will keep the group and NBACS coordinators informed of any developments in this area.

4. Information Sharing

Chiaki reported that user extended info was not appearing on PC’s she used with Windows 95. Systems was investigating.

Don reported that he had some success with Claims Returned followup letters yielding returned books. He also has been finding many ASSUMED LOST books in the Alexander book-drop.

Shirley shared with the group her handling of a difficult billing situation.

Nita mentioned how useful she finds selecting “print all tabs” when she is working with a user and needs a complete screen print record of information. She also reported on billing and RDS training sessions she had given to staff.

Melanie described her experiences beginning as the branch manager at Math.

Penny reported that she found attending the various functional group meetings helpful to her return to RUL.

Melissa said that in her SCILS intern position she is working at Alexander Access Services until October.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 29, 2004, at 3 p.m. at Kilmer.

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