Minutes of November 30, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, Melanie Robinson, Roger Smith, Penny Weniger, and Don Wilson.


1. Training Documentation Update

Georgina presented the Power Point slides she had created to train staff on the new billing enhancements LOST ASSUM bills and Overdue Recall bills. The group reviewed the screens and praised the work. Ines offered the suggestion that one more slide be formed to show the WARNING! pop-up box that occurs when staff handle a LOST ASSUM item in discharge and checkout. Antoinette and Nita pointed out that if a user wishes to provide a new replacement copy for a LOST ASSUM item, the existing bill needs to be canceled first and a new bill for $20 needs to be created.

2. Updated Refund Procedures

Barry distributed copies of Judy Gardner’s “How to Fill out a ‘Request for Payment’ (Refund) Form, a document revised 11/15/04 and available on the RUL website at About the Libraries / Staff Resources / Access Services / Procedures / Billing / How to Fill out a “Request for Payment” (Refund Form) (PDF). The two changes in procedures: 1) SSN is now required to process funds on RIAS and 2) Under “Special Instructions,” the user’s status is now required; it determines how the refund is processed.

3. Suspension Tab

Barry handed out copies of WorkFlows Version 2003 Release Notes regarding a “New Wizard Added to Suspend a User’s Loan Privileges Instead of Assessing a Fine.” At the previous meeting, Nita had suggested the group investigate this new wizard to see if it could be useful. The group discussed how users are barred and blocked now because of 40 day plus overdue checkouts, overdue recalls, and recalls returned late. The group could not think of a need for employing this wizard. It felt that any pertinent information that may be needed to explain a block or bar can be conveyed effectively by a PUBNOTE.

4. Recall Bills

The group supported the Billing Working Group’s proposal to generate bills whenever a recalled item is returned late. Judy is working on the text for these notices.

5. Damaged Books

Nita distributed copies of the revised damaged books document that she has been working on. The group engaged in preliminary discussion. A few suggestions were made but it was clear that a more thorough examination of the document by group members for discussion at the December meeting would be the best way to proceed. Nita pointed out that work was being currently developed for handling material that has multiple pieces, including whether a user should be billed for the entire item rather than for a missing piece, i.e., CD, map, etc.

6. Student Records and Parental Notification

Barry handed out copies of the University’s Parental Notification Policy, released in a November 27, 2004 email from Janice Strickland that featured a memo from Sheila P. Fleishman, Associate Director of Compliance, Student Policy and Judicial Affairs. Barry attached to the memo a copy of RUL’s Access Services Policy Memo #3: The Confidentiality of Library Records. The group agreed to examine the documents and discuss them at the December meeting.

7. Information Sharing

Shirley said that LSM had been busy during the Thanksgiving break days (Friday and Saturday) and Don said Alexander had also experienced notable use.

Ines announced that Joseph Asaro had joined LSM as an evening LA2 with primary Reserve responsibilities.

Ray reported that he is learning new RDS and billing procedures from Nita.

Melanie described the emergency that had occurred at Math when a light had fallen to the floor shortly before closing and started a fire.

Penny announced that Douglass Reference librarians had volunteered to sponsor a party for student staff at Douglass.

Barry shared with the group a humorous email courtesy of Roger that included a CNN report about a Michigan prosecutor interested in seeking jail time for delinquent library users.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 3 p.m. at Kilmer (Room 11).

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