Minutes of January 26, 2005 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Joe Asaro, Ray Balter, Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, and Melanie Robinson.


1. Interpreting Billing Notes—Overdue Recalls

Chris Sterback, following the recommendation of the Billing Working Group, has added three more pieces of information to LOSTITEM notes. The notes now include: 1) Number of overdue notices—labeled ovdntc; 2) Number of recall notices—labeled recntc; and 3) Date of last overdue or recall notice—labeled lstntc.

A sample of all that now appears on a LOSTITEM note (with explanation of labels in parentheses).

OVDRECALL: The politics / Aristotle ; edited by Steven Everson, JC71.A4E94 1988, ID:39030013997111, recall due:200412162359 (Dec 16 2004 23:59), cout date:200203081855 (charged out March 8 2002 at 18:55), cout lib:DANA (charged out at Dana), ren:0 (never renewed), own lib:DANA (Dana is the owning library), ovdntc:2 (2 overdue notices), recntc:2 (2 recall notices), lstntc: 20041217 (last notice sent Dec 17 2004).

Barry pointed out that the training documentation on RUL’s Access Services webpage “Removing Holds on OVD-RECALLS” announces the new development and talks about certain aspects, e.g., item displays, the hold cancellation notices, and shows examples of LOSTITEM notes prior to Chris’s recent updates. But one point that needs to be documented and made clear to staff is that a recall that becomes 40 days overdue will no longer display as recalled in the user’s checkouts. Instead it will display as a bill and also as a OVDRECALL in a LOSTITEM note. It cannot display as a recall using the recall radio button in checkouts because the hold has been removed from it so that the bill could be created. Barry will release a memo to NBACS to clarify these developments for staff. Georgina and Melanie will continue to update the group’s training PowerPoint.

2. Billing Working Group Project

Antoinette and Barry addressed questions from Nita and Shirley regarding recent copies of updated financial holds they had received from billing staff in Camden. The Billing Working Group had completed a cleanup project that entailed updating some holds for expired users whom Chris had identified through a report as having had bills for GEACLOST material that now appeared checked out to another user or in stacks. The project has been completed and Chris has now removed these bills.

3. Damaged Books—Updated Document and Information on Mold

Nita presented the updated damaged books document she had completed. The group examined the document line-by-line and approved it. Next, the document will be presented for review to Judy Gardner, Roger Smith, and the New Brunswick Coordinators. Melanie reported on a helpful presentation by Rob Krack and the Collection Management Functional Group dealing with mold problems. Melanie will add a link to this information in the billing PowerPoint training slides. Barry discussed two recent billing matters involving books that needed to be replaced because of mold damage. Andy Martinez, Coordinator of the Collection Management Functional Group, has recommended that billing staff forward books with apparent mold damage to Ian Bogus, Alex Collection Services. Ian has expertise in evaluating whether a book can be repaired.

3. Midyear Report

The group reviewed its goals for 2004/05 from last year’s annual report and the progress it has made in each area. It also recapped other work it had taken on and achieved thus far and discussed upcoming needs.

4. Information Sharing

Don reported that Alexander has been busy with book returns, bill payments, and remove holds.

Shirley said that the new UMDNJ list of students, faculty, and staff eligible for borrowing privileges has been helpful to LSM staff.

Joe said he is still learning much in his new position and is enjoying Rutgers.

Ray shared with the group his happiness—a new baby girl!

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 3 p.m. at Kilmer.

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