Minutes of March 30, 2005 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, and Don Wilson.
Antoinette Peteet, Melanie Robinson


1. Longoverdue Report Run on GEACLOST

The group reviewed Judy Gardner’s email to RUL Access Services staff that described the creation of LONGOVD bills for approximately 8,000 GEACLOST items. Systems ran the Longoverdue Report on February 21, 2005. The purpose of the report was to enable these items migrated from GEAC in 1997 to be removed from IRIS, while maiaining a bill on the user. The Longoverdue report accomplished the following: 1) Removed any old bills associated with the item and created a new LONGOVD bill; 2) Broke the link between the GEACLOST items and user records. If these items are returned, the message “item not in catalog” will appear on the screen when staff attempt to discharge them. Any item that produces an “item not in catalog” message should be put aside in one area in the unit for staff to examine. 3) Created a customized LOSTITEM LONGOVERDUE note in Extended information for each item. We can search longoverdue “item not in catalog” items by item barcode in the Note fields. This will let us identify the user who checked these items out, and enable us to remove the Note and the generic bill from the user’s record. To do this search, we need to a) select the User Display wizard; b) in the pull down menu, choose NOTE for the search type; and c) in the search field, enter the barcode of the longoverdue item. We can also search by any key word in the Notes, for example HLDDGLSS, HLDALEX, your initials, etc.

2. CS-User and Damaged Books

The group returned to the updated Damaged Books document, prodded by Andy Martinez’s helpful observations about one step in the damaged books process. The group agreed with Andy and agreed to change the procedure in the document so that damaged items that require payment remain checked out to the user and do not get checked out to CS-ALEX or CS-LSM until 6 weeks have elapsed. During that time, the user, as informed by a letter from billing staff sent out when the damaged item is returned, may come to the library to examine the damaged material.

3. Diploma Holds

The group has seen a long-standing goal satisfied. Chris Sterback has obtained an electronic file from the Diplomas Office of all students scheduled to graduate in May. Matching this file against BARRED and BLOCKED users in WorkFlows, will enable Chris to produce one list for Billing Functional Group staff members to use for placing diploma holds. What a welcome relief for the eyes of the group! And what a time-saver. Judy informed that the Diplomas Office was concerned that the libraries, with this file available so early compared to previous paper-file years, would place too many diploma holds. The Diplomas Office, rightly so, does not want to place diploma holds on users who are poised to return their long overdue materials. The group agreed that three weeks prior to the May 1, 2005 deadline would be a reasonable, time frame to use.

Barry presented to the group Jeff Teichman’s idea for using the list next year. Jeff suggested that the electronic file could be used to produce a warning letter concerning diploma holds to BARRED and BLOCKED students scheduled to graduate. This letter, sent out as soon as the file is received in late March or early April, may cut down on the number of diploma holds that need to be placed.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 5, 2005 at 3 p.m. at Kilmer.

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