Minutes of August 31, 2005 meeting

Don Wilson, Melanie Robinson, Antoinette Peteet, Nita Mukherjee, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Shirley Lewis, Judy Gardner, and Georgina Alonzo.
Ray Balter


1. Annual Report Review

The group reviewed the text and charts of the Billing Functional Group Annual Report. In short, the conclusion reached was that it was an active year in which multiple billing innovations were introduced. The group examined how the Billing Working Group interacted with the functional group in bringing about new procedures. Statistical highlights in the report showed that money collected in New Brunswick remained similar to the previous year, increasing by 3 per cent to $46,767.85. Alexander Library accounted for 59 per cent of all payments.

Goals for 2005/06 include:

Judy suggested that the group seek to gather a system-wide statistical report for the upcoming year that would include billing statistics from Dana and Robeson.

2. Billing Presentation Recap

The group discussed the recent (August 23, 2005) New Billing Features in Unicorn presentation delivered by the Billing Working Group from the SCC. While the group liked the content produced in the handout and the interest shown by the presenters, technical problems with the videoconferencing made the early stages of the presentation difficult to follow from the remote sites. WorkFlows screens used for examples appeared in a small quadrant that wasn’t visible. When this problem was fixed about one third of the way into the presentation, the attendees via videoconferencing were able to enjoy the program more.

3. New Group Name and Purpose Statement

At the August 11, 2005 Access Services Committee Meeting, Judy asked that each functional group begin to draft a new purpose statement and suggest a new naming protocol that could apply to all groups. The new purpose statement should be 3 to 5 sentences in length, acknowledging new RUL wide responsibilities/representation and at the same time the uniqueness of three campuses. It should incorporate responsibility for testing new releases and implementing new features of Unicorn modules if appropriate (circulation, reserves, holds, requests, etc.).

Barry gave each group member the “homework” assignment of writing a new purpose statement and suggesting a new name. At the September 28th meeting the group will use these individual contributions to frame a group statement and choice of name.

4. Moldy Books Procedures

The group reviewed the Collection Management Groups document “Proposal to Deal with Moldy Items in NBL,” which CMFG Coordinator Andy Martinez had sent to Barry for comments. The group liked the proposal, particularly the care given to wrapping moldy items in plastic wrap. Georgina suggested that Collection Services mark a book “fixed,” with a date and initial as part of the new procedures. The group also remarked that PUBNOTEs need to fully identify the staff member making the note concerning the moldy item, i.e., initials, date, and unit. Barry has forwarded these suggestions to Andy.

5. Information Sharing

Antoinette and Shirley discussed with the group a recent billing challenge—dealing with library books returned damaged (ruined) that contained bed bugs. The user has been billed for replacement. Staff handled the unfortunate situation with commendable care. The story cannot be told (and mentioned in minutes) without some scratching.

Melanie and Shirley told the group how responsive Collection Services staff have been to making quick repairs of books that have arrived for hold shelf pickup but are damaged.

Melanie reported that she is working on a billing document for the group that provides information on payment options.

Don said Alexander has been busy with student orientations and registering new borrowers.

Nita reported that she was planning to deliver a billing review session to Douglass staff and that as the RDS Coordinator, she would be presenting with the RDS group a training session from the SCC on October 5, 2005.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 3 p.m. at Kilmer (Room 10). The meeting will be available on videoconference to Robeson and Dana. To our new group members Maggie Harris (Dana) and Sandy Marsh (Robeson) we give a warm welcome!

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