Minutes of November 30, 2005 meeting

Jan Reinhart (guest), Antoinette Peteet, Rebecca Luo, Nita Mukherjee, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Shirley Lewis, Maggie Harris, and Ray Balter.
Don Wilson, Melanie Robinson, Sandy Marsh, and Georgina Alonzo


1. Welcome New Members

The group welcomed new members Maggie Harris (Dana) and Rebecca Luo (ILS). Sandy Marsh (Robeson), also a new member, was unable to attend the meeting.

2. Billing Place Hold Recap

The group reviewed its success meeting the one-week deadline for place holds. All holds were placed by October 11, 2005. In this project, the group examined 797 user records. The next place holds deadline is projected to be March 2, 2006. Barry has promised to schedule the running of the barred list reports so that the group has a two-week window for placing the holds.

3. Review of RUL Billing Statistics

Looking at the 2004/05 group annual report, the group reviewed the range of statistics collected in billing. This yearís report for the first time will include billing statistics from Dana and Robeson. The following statistics are reported for each unit: dollar amounts for recall fines, lost and paid, replacement copies, damaged material, reserve fines and refunds; and the total number of academic holds placed, academic holds removed, diploma holds placed, and diploma holds removed.

4. New Group Name and Purpose Statement

The group read through the purpose statements submitted by several members and decided on two that it thought represented the groupís purpose well. Both drafts were then submitted to Judy Gardner along with the groupís choice for its new name: RUL Billing Group.

5. Media Billing Preliminary Planning

Jan (Media Center) and Barry reported on a meeting they recently had with Daphne Roberts (Media Center) concerning plans for developing new procedures for billing Media items in WorkFlows. Jan described how the proposed model would resemble that of the recent changes made to ILL/PALCI billing. Videos, which circulate for 3 days, would generate overdue notices at one day overdue and bills, barring the user, at 5 days overdue. Jan, Barry, and Daphne, additionally, would like to have Systems find a way to generate fines for videos needed for bookings that are overdue. Currently, Daphne or Jen Jacobsen (Media Center) send out emails and place phone calls to users with overdue videos that are needed for upcoming bookings, specifying a deadline at which $5 dollar per day late fees will be assessed. Barry creates these bills in WorkFlows and makes daily modifications to the bills when needed. Jan and Barry have had preliminary talks with Chris Sterback (Systems) regarding these ideas. Barry has spoken to the Access Services Committee about the proposal. During Winter Recess, Jan, Barry, and Chris will meet and see what can be done to improve billing for Media items.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 3 p.m. at Kilmer (Media Room 10), with videoconferencing to Dana and Robeson.

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