Minutes of January 25, 2006 meeting

Antoinette Peteet, Nita Mukherjee, Sandy Marsh, Rebecca Luo, Barry Lipinski, Shirley Lewis, Maggie Harris, Judy Gardner (guest), Raymond Balter, and Georgina Alonzo.
Don Wilson, Melanie Robinson


1. New Student RUID

The group reviewed a handout printed from http://studentaffairs.rutgers.edu/conversion.html a site that Nita had pointed out to Access Services staff in a Circ_sub message on January 23, 2006. Included in the document was helpful information on the conversion to the new RUID 9- digit number that will replace the social security number as the student ID number beginning February 13, 2006. The discussion brought out the fact that all former graduates of Rutgers will be issued new RUID’s as well. The group questioned how this would affect the registration of alumni borrowers at the libraries. It was suggested that alumni be directed to the Alumni Office to receive a card that would verify their graduation from Rutgers and bear their RUID. That card would then be presented by the alumni when they visit the library to register for an alumni guest library card. All future 029 reports from the Delinquent Accounts office will bear the newly assigned RUID for past and present students. The new numbers will be used on the place and remove hold forms.

2. Collection Agency Updates

Judy reported on planned collection agency action. She discussed the letter that the billed users with long overdue materials would receive. Initial thoughts were to provide the users with a PIN in the final warning letter so that they could view their billed items in My Account. However, after realizing that the Unicorn software, upon converting billed items to LONGOVERDUE produces a generic bill, the group agreed that the users facing collection agency action should instead receive a printout or Excel spreadsheet of their outstanding transactions that would accompany the letter. Priscilla Lee will prepare these letters for the barred users by taking the billing information provided by Chris Sterback (number of billed items, total amount owed) and create merged documents. A copy of the letter and the printout sent out each of these users will be kept on file in one to-be-determined location.

3. Credit Card Payment Planning

A long-standing group goal has been to provide to users an online credit card payment option for library fines and bills. Sirsi has promised that it would deliver this option, but that promise has not been delivered. Judy reported on work being done by RUL’s Sam McDonald and Sean Elliot in this area. Judy described the “store front” process. She asked the group what information would be needed for an online credit card payment form. The group agreed that the form should require the user’s name and RUID or library barcode, and include a place for users to write notes to library staff regarding the payment. According to Judy, when the user pays by credit card online a report is generated to the user indicating the amount paid and a confirmation number. This information is then processed to the libraries within 24 hours. The user will be informed on the web site when paying that it might take 24-48 hours for the record to be cleared. At that point, staff may update information in WorkFlows and follow up with Delinquent Accounts to remove financial holds.

4. Claims Returned Process

The group brainstormed on the claims returned process. Judy’s question to the group: “What would you want it to do?” The group agreed that it would be helpful to receive a report that indicated when an item has reached it’s 30 day searching grace period and is still checked out (i.e., has not been returned or paid for). Items could then be searched a final time. Letters would then be sent to users if the items are found or not found. Items that are outstanding would be priced for the users, and replacement costs and payment options would be included in the letter to the user. All information regarding the claims returned items would be updated by staff in the WorkFlows PUB-NOTEs. Circulation Group Coordinator Michele Tokar will meet with Barry to discuss these ideas and generate any others and form a plan for improving the claims returned process.

5. Upcoming Barred User to Place Holds Reports

Barry reported that the next cycle of barred user to place hold reports will be released during the week of February 13th, giving the group two weeks to meet the projected cutoff date for getting all place holds to Delinquent Accounts, Thursday, March 2nd.

6. Midyear Report Preparation

The group reviewed its activities and its progress toward meeting its goals for 2005/06.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 2:30 p.m. at the Kilmer Library Media Classroom, with videoconferencing to Dana and Robeson.

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