Minutes of June 28, 2006 meeting

Shirley Lewis, Melanie Robinson, Will Torres, May Chin, Rebecca Luo, Nita Mukherjee, Maggie Harris, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Georgina Alonzo, Sandy Marsh, and Antoinette Peteet (all excused)


The group welcomed Will Torres as a new member.

1. Goals for 2005-2006

The group reviewed its goals for the past year and the progress made on each one.

2. Activities of 2005-2006

The group looked at the scope of its work during the past year and cited the following: 1) Training session on "New Billing Features in Unicorn" delivered; 2) Academic holds placed and removed; 3) Courtesy notice for graduating barred users created; 4) Diploma holds placed and removed; 5) New group name chosen and purpose statement revised; and 6) Work begun on developing billing procedures for media items.

3. Goals for 2006-2007

The group discussed a list of goals solicited by Barry. Nita had provided an extensive list of suggestions for goals, shared with the group prior to the meeting, which helped the discussion. The following goals were identified for the upcoming year:

4. Moldy Items Revisited

Andy Martinez's document "How to Deal with RUL Moldy Items" was reexamined by the group. Included in this revised, explanation of procedures is a detailed flow chart. The group had provided Andy suggestions that included language about book drops and the specifics of what billing staff needs to do. The document does a nice job clarifying the roles of billing staff and Collection Management staff and will be helpful. (Andy presented this document to the Access Services Committee at its July meeting.)

5. Damaged ILL/PALCI Items

Attendant to the discussion of handling mold items, the group examined how damaged ILL/PALCI items should be dealt with. Drawing upon Rebecca's experience in ILS, the group affirmed that all ILL/PALCI material returned damaged to a circulation desk or book drop needs to be handled in the following manner: 1) Item should not be discharged; 2) PUB-NOTE should be added by access services staff indicating the specifics of the return, when, where, whether the user was present to engage in discussion regarding the damage; 3) Printout of user and item information should be made and inserted in the damaged book; 4) Damaged book should then be mailed to ILS Alex. At that point, ILS staff will contact the owning institution regarding the damage and will follow up with the Rutgers user concerning the damaged bill.

6. Billing Statistics Template

The group reviewed a billings statistics template that Andy had created as a tool for keeping monthly records. The group concluded that the template may be used in lieu of what each unit's billing coordinator/branch manager is currently using. However, the group recognized that the template requires that staff key in user and item information that is already contained in WorkFlows and receipt books. Representatives of the units with the heavier billing activity, citing this duplication of information, did not see an advantage in using this template.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 1:30 3:00 p.m. at Kilmer Media Classroom.

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