Minutes of August 23, 2006 meeting

Shirley Lewis, Melanie Robinson, Will Torres, Nita Mukherjee, Maggie Harris, Sandy Marsh, Antoinette Peteet, Georgina Alonzo, Barry Lipinski (recorder), and Jan Reinhart (guest).
Rebecca Luo (excused).


1. New Media Overdue Policy

Media Center Supervisor Jan Reinhart presented to the group an overview of a new Media overdue policy. Jan, Barry Lipinski, and Chris Sterback had worked together to shape the new policy, which was presented to the Access Services Committee and approved by Judy Gardner and Jane Sloan. Using a framework similar to that of ILL/PALCI, videos now generate overdue notices on their first day overdue (usually the 4th day following checkout), and bills for replacement and automatic barring of user privileges on the 7th day overdue. This change is expected to prompt more timely return of video materials, which are frequently needed for bookings for class use by faculty. When videos are returned, staff now will discharge them using the circulation discharge wizard. Previously, the bookings module was used for discharge. The change has been made to use the circulation discharge wizard for the following reason: when a video is returned at another unit, discharging it in the circulation module will clear it from the user and put the video "in transit." This accurately captures the whereabouts of the video. Previously, all discharges using the bookings module immediately designated the returned videos as being "video," even though they had yet to reach their home location, the Media Center. Now, because user privileges will be barred at 7 days overdue, staff members who discharge videos that are 7 days or more overdue should modify the user's privileges, changing the status to OK. This is similar procedure to when a user returns or pays for any other type of long overdue material for which he/she has been barred. The average replacement cost for videos is now $222. All pricings for video materials that need to be replaced, and all payments and questions regarding bills or fines for videos, will be handled by the Media Center.

2. Delinquent Accounts Update

Nita Mukherjee reported on the work she has been doing with Judy, identifying current faculty and staff who have long overdue, billed material. "30 Day Letters" are being prepared to send to these users along with a printout of their borrowing record. Procedures for staff for how to work with these users regarding returns and payment will be forthcoming, as will procedures on how to handle the return of and payment for items that have been withdrawn from the catalog.

3. Annual Report Review

The group examined the annual report. Highlights:

4. Cashier's Office Relocations

The Cashier's Office at the Administrative Services Building and the office on Cook/Douglass have been shut down. Billing staff performing cash transmittals have been directed to use either the College Avenue office in Records Hall or the Livingston office in Lucy Stone Hall.

Next Billing Group Meeting: Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kilmer Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana and Robeson.

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