Minutes of January 24, 2007 meeting

Antoinette Peteet, Nita Mukherjee, Shirley Lewis, Georgina Alonzo, Rebecca Luo, Sandy Marsh, Will Torres, Shawn Moriarty, Dean Meister, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
May Chin (excused), Melanie Miller (excused), and Maggie Harris (excused).


1. Claims Returned Procedures

Guests Dean and Shawn presented to the group a flow chart that they had developed to represent our current claims returned procedures. Dean, the co-coordinator of the Circulation Group, explained how his subgroup focuses on testing, inventory, and the technical aspects of circulation. The flow chart approach is designed to show the proper sequence in which work should be performed. Dean solicited from the group their thoughts on how the claims returned process could be improved through automation. He described the claims returned wizard in WorkFlows. Using that wizard it is hoped that reports could be run, as often as needed, to identify items and users who have made claims returns and indicate the status of the claim, i.e, cleared (returned) or still checked out to the user. The group said that it felt reports at 7, 14, 21, and 30 days overdue would be helpful. Dean said his subgroup would next do another flow chart incorporating these ideas. Still to be resolved: will this wizard operate without stopping the daily accumulation of fines on a recalled item which a user claims to have returned? The group made it clear that the wizard will not be of much use if it automatically stops the fine cycle. The threat of $5 per day fines up to a ceiling of $50 for overdue recalls makes for on-time returns and a concentrated searching by those users who cannot at first remember where a recalled book could be or locate it among their other books. Dean will next meet with Chris Sterback to test the wizard.

2. Delinquent Accounts Update

Nita reported on her work with Judy Gardner getting out the 30-day warning letters to current faculty/staff with LOSTITEM billed material. Nita said 76 letters were sent out. The group reviewed the procedures for handling the return/payment of these items by users who respond within the 30-day period.

3. Midyear Review

Barry, for the purposes of writing the groupís midyear report, solicited from the group a recap of its activities and progress on meeting its goals. The midyear report will be presented at the next group meeting.

4. Receipt Books

Billing staff may now order their receipt books the same way staff may order brochures, signs, and book bands by ordering online from Jill Morrow. The entry looks like this: Money Receipt Book (For Access Services Billing Staff Only) 12/06 Bound book of 200-3 part receipts. The request form can be found under Public Services/Forms on the Staff Resources web pages.

5. Upcoming Barred User to Place Holds Reports

Barry reminded the group that barred user reports would soon be released for the purposes of placing financial holds. The deadline for placing the holds will be March 5, 2007.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about what we should tell students and alumni when they ask how long it will take for a financial hold to clear so that they can register or get transcripts released. Also discussed was the difference between online and in-person registration. Barry said he would review these issues with staff at Delinquent Accounts and the Transcripts Office and report back to the group.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Kilmer Media Classroom, with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Robeson Library Conference Room 290).

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