Minutes of September 26, 2007 meeting

Maggie Harris, Sandy Marsh, Shirley Lewis, Will Torres, Rebecca Luo, Judy Gardner, Nita Mukherjee, Melanie Miller, and Barry Lipinski (recorder)
Georgina Alonzo, May Chin, Antoinette Peteet


1. Annual Report Recap

The group reviewed its activities and achievements of the past year, including:

The group reviewed its progress on its goals cited in its 2007/08 annual report:

Introduce delinquent accounts and collections processes with University Delinquent Accounts. DONE. The policy is off to a promising start, encouraging a high-rate of return and payment for lost material.

Offer users an online credit card payment option. NOT DONE. The software has been purchased for this enhancement. It is hoped that Systems will be able to unveil it in the upcoming months. The group has offered its suggestions concerning what information will be necessary for a user to see when paying online and what reports would be needed so that staff could follow through promptly to remove financial holds and update the paying user’s record in WorkFlows.

Do a systematic inventory of the 029 Report, adding it to the Access Services and Systems Academic Calendar. DONE. All holds have been removed from users who no longer have billed items. Still to be resolved is what to do with holds that appear for items originally billed at less than $102.

Automate the claims returned process. NOT DONE. The group has met with the Circulation subgroup and made recommendations on the kind of reports it would like to receive to improve the tracking and resolution of claims returns. The next step will be for Systems to see what it can do to automate the process.

Establish procedures for handling LONGOVRDUE items and update training documentation. DONE. Getting this done was crucial for staff so that they could work with users facing referral to Delinquent Accounts/Collection Agency action and properly process materials that are paid for or returned.

The group has set the following goals for 2007/08:

2. Hold Placement Project

The group went over its procedures for placing holds. The deadline for getting all holds into the hands of staff at Delinquent Accounts: Friday, October 5, 2007. Barry encouraged all group members to complete the work at least a few days before the deadline date to make things less hectic for themselves and as a courtesy to Delinquent Accounts staff.

3. Update on the Delinquent Accounts Recovery Efforts

Nita brought the group up to date with the progress of the most recent book recovery effort, which is directed at getting material back from GUEST users with LOST-ASSUME items due prior to July 1, 2005. She is working with a report containing 271 users with 690 items checked out worth $79.518.10. The plan is to send letters to the users in batches, a few at a time, starting early October 2007.

The group agreed with Judy’s request that final stack searches be performed for these materials before users are contacted. Judy will send out an announcement to the RUL stack search contact staff regarding these final searches. Each staff member will search for books on the list owned by their unit and report back to Judy.

Judy pointed out that the letter sent to the barred GUEST users is not accusatory in its language. It is businesslike.

Judy emphasized the importance of follow through in the claims return process. She said that it working with the current group of user records, it is not always clear from the PUBNOTEs in some records that a final contact was made with the user in claims returned situations, establishing that the book(s) were not found and that the user needed to pay a certain price for the replacements.

Judy reported that she and Nita visited Delinquent Accounts in mid July.

From the visit Judy said it was clear that staff at Delinquent Accounts are experts in what they do; they approach their work relentlessly; and they work well with users.

The group suggested that the weekly electronic 029 Delinquent Accounts reports be kept for one month before being removed by Systems.

4. Items Not Found in Catalog and Add Brief Title

The group revisited two documents in new DRAFT form: 1) Items Not Found in Catalog; and 2) Add Brief Title Instructions.

The group agreed to a change in procedures. When a user returns a long overdue, withdrawn item, instead of printing out the LOSTITEM note, inserting the note in the book and sending the book to the local technical services office (DTS-Alex, DTS-LSM, TS-Dana, or TS-Robeson) billing staff, instead will create a brief title with a circ note “Route to DTS-Alex” (e.g.) and then send the book to the local technical services office. This processing work should be done promptly (24 hours) and Judy and Nita need to be informed immediately by email that the user has cleared his/her account. The DRAFT of both documents will undergo further revisions and be made available on the Billing Group web page.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Kilmer Media Classroom, with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Robeson Library Conference Room 290).

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