Minutes of January 30, 2008 meeting

Melanie Robinson, Rebecca Luo, Antoinette Peteet, Nita Mukherjee, Judy Gardner, Will Torres, Georgina Alonzo, Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Maggie Harris, Shirley Lewis, Sandy Marsh.


The group welcomed back Georgina Alonzo from her medical absence.

1. Mid-Year Review

The group reviewed its work through the first half of the academic year. Highlights included placing 629 financial holds on barred students and alumni with long overdue material, meeting the October 5, 2007 Delinquent Accounts deadline. Also, a successful transition was made from using a paper Delinquent Accounts 029 Report to an electronic file, updated weekly.

2. Billing for ILL Lending

Barry Lipinski reported on a meeting he had with Glenn Sandburg, Judy Gardner, and Chris Sterback concerning billing procedures for ILL lending. Twice a year, Systems purges PALCI/ILL brief records. RUL sends out material generally with a 4-week loan period and one 4-week renewal. Glenn Sandburg works on a case-by-case basis with other libraries to get back material that is overdue and needed at RUL. An option being considered is sending notices through ILLiad.

Melanie Miller said that she gets direct phone calls from other institutions asking for their PALCI books to be returned. Such calls should always be forwarded to Rebecca Luo at ILS.

3. Delinquent Accounts Recovery Update

Judy Gardner and Nita Mukherjee reported on the progress of RUL’s Delinquent Accounts recovery work. Last year, 85 per cent of the material was recovered through returns or payments. Now, the billed users in Phase 2 will have their accounts turned over to Delinquent Accounts. In February, the items on these records will become LOST ASSUM. Any books that are returned will need to have brief titles created for them by billing staff with a staff note “Route to DTS Alex” or “Route to DTS LSM.”

4. Responsibilities/Tasks of Unit Billing Staff

The group reviewed Barry Lipinski’s draft of “Responsibilities/Tasks of Unit Billing Staff.” Suggestions were made to add information on damaged books, refunds, PALCI/ILL material, and the daily unbar report.

5. Holds Procedures Changes

Judy Gardner raised the question of whether it was necessary any longer for PUBNOTEs to be placed when holds are removed and for paper files of hold slips to be maintained. The group discussed many aspects of the place and remove hold procedures and agreed to make the following changes in procedures: When removing a hold placed by another unit, billing staff will delete the place hold PUBNOTE. It will be the responsibility of the billing staff member who removed the hold and note to check the subsequent Delinquent Accounts 029 report to verify that the hold was cleared.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Kilmer Media Classroom, with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Robeson Library Conference Room 290).

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