Minutes of June 25, 2008 meeting

Shirley Lewis, Georgina Alonzo, Melanie Miller, Nita Mukherjee, Rebecca Luo, Antoinette Peteet, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Maggie Harris and Sandy Marsh


1. Diploma Holds Recap

The Billing Group met the May 5th diploma hold placement deadline. All 91 graduating students with BARRED records due to overdue material were sent a courtesy email notice and given three weeks to satisfy their obligations by either returning the material or paying for it. Fifty-two per cent of these students reconciled their accounts by the end of the three-week period. Forty-nine diploma holds were placed. Though the number of graduating students each year has been similar, it is encouraging to see that diploma holds have decreased over the past three years from 146 (2005) to 70 (2006) to 49 this year. It is clear that giving the students a full three weeks to respond to the courtesy notice has been effective.

2. Canceled Checks Procedures--DRAFT

Barry distributed a draft document of Canceled Checks Procedures. The group approved the document after recommending that a final step be added: “Mark the receipt book to indicate returned check.” The document will be added to the Billing Group web page.

3. Delinquent Accounts Summary 2007-2008

Nita prepared a summary for the group that described the work she and Judy had done over the past year in the Delinquent Accounts Recovery project. The recovery rate this year has been steady but slow. Most users have returned books rather than pay the full $102 price. A few users are making partial payment. As suggested by Student Financial Services, the text of the 30-day letters was revised and the libraries now include the specific alert saying “a 25% collection fee will be assessed, increasing the total amount due.” Access Services staff are creating Brief titles for items returned and not found in the catalog and sending the items to Distributed Technical Services. A total of 123 accounts were sent to Delinquent Accounts and moved to Phase-II in two batches in November 2007 and February 2008. As of May 30, 2008 only 25 user accounts have cleared, leaving 98 users who still need to satisfy their obligations with Delinquent Accounts.

4. Review of Billing Group Goals/Activities 2007-2008

The group recapped what it worked on during the past year. In addition to the diploma hold work and Delinquent Accounts Recovery Project described above, other highlights include:

5. Billing Group Goals 2008-2009

The group identified the following as goals for the upcoming year:

Barry thanked the group for all their successful work and camaraderie during his 10 years as the Billing Group coordinator. He is happy for the group, RUL, and himself to be given the opportunity to focus in another area as the new Security and Facilities Group coordinator. Barry said he was proud of the group’s accomplishments throughout the years and how well members developed trust in one another in sharing ideas, examining issues, and reaching solutions. He is pleased that Jeff Teichmann is able to bring his extensive Access Services’ experience to the group as the new coordinator, and knows that Jeff and the group will do well.

The members of the group thanked Barry for his support, leadership, and help as the Billing Group coordinator and wished him the very best as the new coordinator of the Security and Facilities Group.

Next Meeting: To be announced.

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