Minutes of November 8, 2008 Meeting

Kristen Ko, Maggie Harris, Melanie Miller, Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, Jeff Teichmann (Coordinator), Penny Weniger(Recorder)
Shirley Lewis
Sandy Marsh


  1. Announcements/ Information Sharing
  2. Workflows upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1 - Testing
  3. Billing / ASC Goals 2009
    1. Collaborate with Systems staff to implement an online credit card payment option for library fines and lost book replacement fees in Workflows. (ASC)
    2. Work with Systems staff to automate steps in the claims return process. (ASC)
    3. Test Symphony 3.2.1 prior to its implementation in 2009. (ASC)
    4. Revise workflows and procedures to accommodate new Item Types in Workflows. (ASC)
    5. Revise/prepare documentation and procedures. (Billing Group)
    6. Billing training. (Billing Group)
  4. Standard Letters
    1. Claims returned
    2. Damaged items
    3. Returned checks
    4. Payment plans

Announcements/Information Sharing

Workflows upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1 – Testing

On or about January 1, 2009 we will be moving to the Workflows upgrade - Symphony. In order to prepare, the group will be assigned testing assignments. In preparation for the testing, the required software is being installed at the units. Once the assignments are received, Jeff will contact the group for potential testing volunteers. Testing assignments should be completed by approximately 12/11/08.

Billing/ASC Goals 2009

Jeff reviewed with the group the various goals of the ASC related to Billing and pointed out the two goals he would like to see the group begin working on. Upon discussion, the group felt that a refresher on billing procedures might be beneficial. Working on the project would also require updating documentation, which is also one of the group’s goals. The following lists some of the areas the group feels need review and possible revision.

  1. Cash transmittals
  2. Creating bills
  3. Paying bills
  4. Damaged book procedures –what constitutes a damaged book and how to handle.
    • Discussion ensued regarding this and Jeff noted that the circ record can be checked to discover the times the item circulated and if the item circulated only once, it is a clear indication that the returning user bears responsibility for the damages.
    • When there is a question on replacement pages it was noted that Vernon Lucas from the Preservation office is a good resource and if we need to contact him, do so through Jeff.
    • It was noted that Joyce Watson is the Dana staff for damaged Dana items.
    • Binding damage or stained covers is billable and should be charged the standard fee. There was a question as to the amount of this fee, is it $6.50 or $8.50?
  5. Recall fines guidelines
  6. Replacements
  7. Lost/Paid
  8. Refunds
  9. Academic holds – placing and removing
  10. Diploma hold removal
  11. Ill/Palci billing
  12. Mold handling (link to Collection Management web-site)

Jeff will create a list for group review with column headings to check noting whether to “Revise”, “Create New”, or “Training Needed”. The group also discussed the need to review the Claims Returned process to determine not only best practices, but how and if the automated method(s) will work.

Standard letters

As the meeting drew to a close Jeff noted that he is working on the recording of statistics and will let the group know when the file is ready to be used. It too will be located in the Billing Group folder on the Alex T-drive. Director’s Station reports were noted as a potential for information retrieval.

Next Billing group meeting is scheduled for:
December 2, 2008, 3pm, Media Center Classroom, Kilmer,
Videoconference locations: Dana, Douglass, and Robeson libraries

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