Minutes of March 25, 2009 Meeting

Kristen Ko(recorder), Shirley Lewis, Sandra Marsh, Melanie Miller, Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, Jeff Teichmann (Coordinator), Penny Weniger, Paul Young


  1. Announcements / Information Sharing
  2. Standard Letters – final drafts
    1. Claims returned
    2. Damaged items
    3. Returned checks
    4. Payment plans
  3. Billing Training and Documentation project
  4. Statistics reporting
  5. Mid-year report
  6. 029 Report cleanup project
  7. Diploma Holds 2009

Announcements/Information Sharing

Standard Letters

Standard letter templates have been posted on SAKAI. Group has agreed to the final drafts and Jeff will present in the April ASC meeting for approval.

Billing Training and Documentation project

Current documentation needs to be updated. Group also discussed the need for training sessions for staff.

During the discussion a number of suggestion/questions were raised:

Statistics reporting

There are questions about the accuracy of Director Station report used for billing statistics purposes. The amounts generated in the report do not seem to accurately reflect the true amounts that have been collected at each location. Jeff believes that the numbers are linked to the item’s home library and not where the bill was paid. He will follow up with Chris Sterback to get clarification.

If possible, members were encouraged to add the bills collected at their own locations for a certain time frame and compare their number to the amount generated in Director’s Station for the same time frame. Please report your findings to Jeff.

Melanie and Kristen have volunteered to look more closely at the reports available in Director’s Station to see if the amounts can accurately be reflected.

Mid-year report

The mid-year report was distributed and reviewed by the group. Members should forward comments and/or suggestions to Jeff.

029 Report cleanup project

At the Access Services Committee meeting it was suggested that the 029 Academic Hold List be cleaned up – holds before a certain year removed. A report was distributed showing dollar and number amounts of the current holds by decade. The group discussed the report and the initial recommendation was to remove all holds prior to 1990. Records before this date will be cleared and written off.

Questions etc. that arose:

Diploma Holds 2009

Next Billing group meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 2:30pm, Douglass Conference Room, Douglass
Videoconference locations: Dana and Robeson libraries

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