Minutes of April 30, 2003 meeting

Ian Bogus (chair), Asuncion DeChavez, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi (recorder).


  1. Minutes format
  2. RFP update
  3. Procedures: changes, updates, suggestions etc…
  4. INCPLUS/SIRSI interface discussion


Meeting was called to order @ 12:45

1. A new standardized template was created for taking minutes of meetings. Ian will be sending out the template format along with his team leaders minutes to everyone at Alex and LSM. This new format will help everyone organize better. Minutes should go out to the group in three days for changes and corrections, once this is done they are sent to the department. Similar format will be used to update any documents, procedures, policies etc, any changes made to this will include the date and initials of the person updating the procedures. Ian has been writing procedures and will be updating any changes made to it.

2. RFP – Request for proposal had been sent out to different binding vendors and their bids were received. There are 4 binders we’re going to send out samples to bind. There are 11 different types of binding. 2 items of each type of binding approximately 25 books to each binder will be sent out to Ocker & Trapp, ICI, Heckman and Bridgeport. The samples will be sent out by May 5th and be back in 2 weeks for review and decision.

There is a possibility of a change to a new binder university wide once the decision is made. This will effect us with some change in our workflow. There will be one binder, getting used to the new vendor, their terminology, how to submit shipments etc. It will actually help us clean up our records.

3. Alex and LSM have set of procedures. So far we have been annually updating the procedures. Ian and Neera will be updating Alex procedures, and at a later date meet Jamie and update LSM procedures. At the next meeting both units will be going over the rough draft, compare notes of Alex and LSM and make necessary changes. This will be an advantage to both the respective units of knowing what the other side is doing and vice versa. Ian also suggested we create an addendum sheet on the web with our procedures, to reflect any changes made to the procedures. Ian will also go over the book repair manual for any changes. The group decided to review procedures every quarter.

4. Lincplus/Sirsi interface to create a bindery software where the goal is to grab and pull data of a record from sirsi. A beta test site will be created to test the software when ready. The workflow will have to be discussed and an ideal scenario which will be effective and helpful to all. We discussed some scenarios, and will continue to come up with other scenarios.

a. Receivers enter information in bind folder including barcode. A report is run and sent to LINCPlus. LINCPlus pulls the necessary information and inserts it into the appropriate bind records. Bind items are automatically created. LINCPlus will flag items that seem to have problems. Bindery personnel reviews the records and makes any necessary changes. When the shipment is complete LINCPlus sends the information to SIRSI, updates the MARC records and adds an item record. The lot is then charged out automatically. When the shipment is received it is checked in all at once.

b. Receiver’s barcode and update bind folder--- run report ---bindery checks in items to the bound record. Lincplus pulls info from the report and flags problems. Bindery personnel reviews the records then LINCPlus charges it out to bindery all at once. When back from bindery we discharge and remove from current.

Meeting adjourned @ 2:05pm




Next meeting : May 20, 2003 @ Alex
Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Jamie Maguire
Backup recorder: Asuncion DeChavez

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