Minutes of October 14, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus (chair), A. DeChavez, J. Maguire (recorder), N. Sondhi


  1. LINCPlus update
  2. Future of bindery work
  3. Binding after the thaw
  4. Repairs

Meeting was called to order @ 2pm

1. LINCPlus update

LINCPlus has been very accommodating to our needs. Just about everything we would like to see in a library bindery software has been included in LINCPlus and they are still working with us to meet some of our other expectations. Currently we are testing to see if it is possible that a report run from SIRSI of our bindery folders, which would have all variable information in it ( v. no. yr. etc...), could be saved into a file and then automatically taken by LINCPLUS and populated onto our records. If this was to work it would prevent us from having to key in the variable information on each title getting bound and therefore quicken the bindery preparation time. Right now, it looks as if for this to happen we would have to have the bindable units bar-coded, or at least have the barcode in the bind folder before the SIRSI report is run. This would mean a change to our current workflow. We began brainstorming different ways of getting barcodes into the bind folder but for now that is all it is, brainstorming, at least until we know LINCPlus is capable of doing this and even if it is capable we will thoroughly test it before making any changes to our workflow. Another possible advantage of having the barcodes in SIRSI before they are put into LINCPlus is that LINCPlus may then automatically be able to charge and discharge the bindable units, this would give bindery staff a chance to focus more of their time on other preservation treatments or projects.

2. Future of bindery work

Ian suggested at the team leaders meeting that checking in of bound controls be a part of bindery work flow. The bindery team is willing to do so, but felt it would be best to do a time analysis of checking into bound controls and entering into ABLE, after we get some results we will see if it is feasible for the bindery team to take on the responsibility of checking in bound units.

3. Binding after the thaw

The binding freeze is over and we have plenty of journals ready to bind. Alexander library is binding as normal and is up-to-date with the IRIS maintenance work. LSM has changed venders and is working on converting their ABLE records into one account. This is being done as we bind a title, so it is taking a little longer to enter into ABLE. We are also making slight adjustment to each record, either because of now standardized procedures between the hubs or to coincide with ICI's standards. Some such adjustments include changing levels of titles (should be an inch down from top), removing leaf attachment information, making sure class and category are correct and the owning library is on each record (MATH, PHYSICS, etc...). These changes have slowed us up a little and in turn have delayed the check in of bound controls. It has been decided that Ian, Sal, Melody and Jamie should meet to form a plan of attack for getting all needed titles checked in to their bound control. Another project that stems from moving all ABLE records to one account is updating of the bind folders. When we move records into the new account a new bind number is assigned. These new bind numbers need to replace there old ones in SIRSI bind folders and the library name also needs to replace the old accounts (so instead of code:110 we now want it to say MATH, etc..). Once the title record is moved into the new account and the bind folder updated, the old title record needs to be deleted from ABLE.

4. Repairs

We are still focusing on getting rid of our backlog. We now have extra help from Anna and Irina which is greatly appreciated.


  1. LSM/ALEX each converting to just one account in ABLE.


  1. Ian, Sal, Melody and Jamie meet for discussion of backlog


  1. Check- in of bound controls as part of Bindery duties????

Next meeting: November 11, 2003
Location:Busch Student Center
Time: noon
Next recorder: Azon DeChavez
Backup: Neera Sondhi

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