Minutes of November 20, 2003 meeting

I.Bogus(Chair), A.De Chavez(Recorder), J. Maguire, N. Sondhi


  1. Welcome new Rutgers University Libraries employee?
  2. LINCPlus?
  3. Time statistics?
  4. Field trip?
  5. Suggestions?

Meeting was called to order @ 2:30 pm

  1. WELCOME NEW RUL BINDERY EMPLOYEE: The group welcome Jamie Maguire, a new RUL staff members. She was previously staff members of UMDNJ. Jamie is hard worker, dependable, capable, helpful, approachable & very accommodating person.
  2. LINCPlus: RUL is an official beta site for LINCPlus, a new Bindery software, similar to ABLE. The new software is set-up already and much more sophisticated and faster than ABLE. The testing procedures is going to an end by 2003 and it seems everything is okay except for title searching. Bindery # is the most important medium for serials to use in transferring into new system. Both Music Scores Collections and Monograph Collections can either use Title & Call # transfer. LP will be done by 2004 nor 2003. Effective 2004, we’ll begin to use the new software and new license is being issued. RUL got five (5) licenses and distributed as follows: New Brunswick Libraries got three (3) licenses = 1 for ALEX LIB, 1 for LSM LIB and 1 for TSB; Camden Library and Newark Library. One computer can only be used in each library to the effect.
  3. TIME STATISTICS: Ian distributed to the group the results of the Bindery Statistics taken for the month of October 2003. It shows that it will spend a maximum of 3.5 minutes per title. Somehow they have discrepancies along the tally sheet. To make the Bindery Statistics more realistic and reliable, the group gave some pointers what to include in getting time statistics. The pointers to be counted are the following: title input, barcoding, packing & unpacking from & to Bindery, packing & unpacking from & to Unit Libraries, problem title.
  4. FIELD TRIP: The Bindery personnel have a field trip to ICI Bindery office in Hatfield, PA on Nov. 25, 2003. ICI Binding is the RUL official Bindery. The group of 6 representatives from NB Library & Newark Library will meet at the lobby of Alexander Library and plan to leave by 10:00 am. The Camden Library representatives will go straight to ICI Bindery Office since they are close to the place. The main purpose of visiting the site is to have an overview how the binding is being done.
  5. SUGGESTIONS: Make Bindery Time Statistic form. Overview once more the LINCPlus to familiarize how it was set up. Binding # to be put in binding title field


  1. Binding # to be put in binding title field.
  2. Will start to use LINCPlus in 2004.
  3. Binding statistics must start from barcoding to end (Bound & ready to put back to shelf)
  4. Jamie will not do bound check in.


  1. Ian will make a Bindery Time Statistic Form. Finished.
  2. Ian will work out to get additional license. Excellent job. GS already requested the additional licenses
  3. Ian will meet the RC to discuss Re: Updating binding folder
  4. Ian and the group will keep on ironing the records.


  1. Receiver could possibly help in updating the binding folder.
  2. What related information to put in every field in the binding folder.

NEXT MEETING: December 16, 2003
TIME: 12:00

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