Minutes of February 10, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus(chair), Azon DeChavez, Ingrid Diaz, Jamie Maguire(recorder), Neera Sondhi


  1. Welcome new Bindery Team member
  2. Future meetings dates/times
  3. LINCPlus implementation
    • workflow
    • arranging with other teams
    • other effects on the bindery team
  4. Time statistics
  5. SMLR
    • normal binding
    • project
  6. Assistants helping the bindery team

Meeting was called to order at 2:03 PM

  1. Ingrid Diaz accepted the UMDNJ position as Library Technician II at LSM. She will be working with the Bindery/Preservation team as well as working with bound holdings and processing. We welcome her and wish her the best of luck.
  2. We felt that there was a need to change our regularly scheduled meeting dates/times to accommodate everyone in the bindery teams work schedule. From now on our meetings will be the second Tuesday of each month at 9am (with the exception of next month)
  3. The final version of LINCPlus should be complete in a few weeks. In order to implement and have LINCPlus work most effectively we will need to adjust our workflow. One of the biggest changes will be that the bindery team assumes responsibility for bound holdings. This means the bindery team will be checking in bound holdings and charging to the bindery. The reason for this change is that LINCPlus requires that an item line already exist in SIRSI in order for LINCPlus to charge/discharge. Another change, which will have to be reviewed with the receiving coordinators, is the information required in the bind folders of SIRSI. The information that tells us what needs to be pulled for binding will remain in the Sub-location field but the format for these variables will need to be changed. In order for LINCPlus to know where to put what variables on our records, the bindery team has created some standardized codes, which use delimiters (example volume = |v, number = |n). The receivers will have to use these codes when entering the information into the bind folder in order for LINCPlus to populate the title templates with the correct information and in the proper places. We have been testing this new workflow and it works well. Before implementation of LINCPlus we will review/train receiving coordinators and receivers, as well as provide with a list of the standardized codes. There are however other titles received that do not run off the bindery reports and will have to be input into LINCPlus manually, much like we do now for ABLE. Some of these types of things would be: Bind on receipt items, Music scores, Soil Surveys, Rebinds, Bind Incompletes. We will continue to try and figure out a better way to handle.

    The preparing for the implementation of LINCPlus, along with the Extended Information Project, has prompted the bindery team to finally standardize the bind folder in SIRSI. We reviewed what information is currently in the bind folder and what LINCPlus will definitely require. So far we came up with:

    The Sub-Location field = variable information ( v.,no.,yr. once LINCPlus is implemented it will use the codes |v |n |y etc…)

    Binding Title field = bind number, that is the bind number without any b# or B# just the actually number, like 643. Because it is just going to be a number we would like to see if we can’t get the fixed field changed to say Bind no. instead of binding title. Either way only the number should go in this field, no other information.

    Binding type = Library/Location (examples: MATH, ART, DOC, ALEX, LSM (all caps)). We would also like to use this field for special permanent notes (example: make pocket for oversize suppls.). It was decided that to separate the Library/location from the special notes we would use a semicolon (;). So the binding type field might look something like this:

    Binding type:MATH; make pocket for oversize suppls.

    Ian will find out what kind of flexibility we have with the fixed fields and we will re-visit our plan to update the bind folders in the next meeting, if not before. We also discussed the clean up of our ABLE records before LINCPlus but this seemed unrealistic and deemed a low priority for now. However we do want to clean up our records and when we do it should be treated as a project.
  4. TIME STATISTICS: They are very important, and we all must work to keep more accurate stats. We need to at least keep accurate statistics of one full shipment, both the Iris Maintenance work and the bindery work.
  5. Receiving and Binding at SMLR is now going to be handled by Alexander collection services. In regards to the bindery there are about a thousand volumes in the basement that either need to be bound or boxed. This will be treated as a project. The first step is to get the volumes up off the floor and grouped together so that we can estimate how many bindable units we have and then give them a monetary quote
  6. We have a new assistant to help the bindery team, Lisa Krohn. Ian is currently training her for repairs and she will be helping out at Alexander 2-3 days a week.


  1. Meetings will now be held the second Tuesday of each month at 9 am (except next month)


  1. Ian will take questions to team leaders and find out our options for fixed fields in SIRSI
  2. ALL will keep accurate statistics


  1. LINCPlus installation

Meeting adjourned @ 4 pm

Next meeting: Tuesday March 9, 2004
Time: 10:30 am @ LSM
Next recorder: Neera Sondhi
Backup recorder: Azon DeChavez

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_04-02-10.shtml
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