Minutes of March 9, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus (chair), Azon DeChavez, Ingrid Diaz, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi (recorder)


  1. Collection Management Functional Group
  2. LincPlus
  3. Statistics

Meeting was called to order @ 10:38 am

  1. The Collection Management Functional Group has been divided into 3 groups. Bindery and Preservation, Shelf Maintenance and Holdings. Each group will meet individually. We, the Bindery team will be discussing any issues regarding the condition and the Preservation of the volumes.
  2. Ian has written up the Bind Folder Standards, and has discussed them with Julie and the receiver’s at Alexander Library. He will be meeting Sal and the receivers at LSM and going over the standards with them too. LincPlus has been purchased and Ian will soon be downloading the software. As of Wednesday, 3/10/04 we at Alex will be starting our new shipment in LincPlus. LSM will start with their new shipment on the following Monday. Volumes will be entered in LincPlus and Able for atleast two shipments, just in case we run into some problems. Bindery team has also taken over the receiving of bound holdings. The reports will be split equally so that all can share the receiving in the bound marc’s. Ian will add Neera for Alex, and Azon for LSM as the backups for receiving bind reports.
  3. Keeping statistics for the entire workflow of Able and receiving in bound marc has been a challenge. It is estimated that we are OK with the Able time of three minutes per title, this included barcoding the volumes, and about five minutes for workflows. bound receiving and charging to bindery. LSM is a little higher than Alex. We still need to keep up with the statistics for a couple more shipments.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:25 am


  1. LincPlus implementation
  2. Azon to be trained by Melody, for receiving in the bound marc.


  1. Ian will look in to the T drive for Alex and LSM to save bind reports, and set up Neera’s computer to receive the bind reports at Alex, and Azon’s computer at LSM.


  1. Statistics start fresh with another new shipment.

Next meeting date: April 13, 2004
Location: Alex Time: 9:00 am
Next recorder: Azon DeChavez
Backup recorder: Ingrid Diaz

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_04-03-09.shtml
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