Minutes of May 11, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus (chair), Ingrid Diaz (Recorder), Azon De Chavez, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi


  1. Statistics
  2. LincPlus
  3. Projects
  4. Bindable unit thickness/binding frequency

Meeting was called to order at 9:04

  1. Statistics remain inconclusive at both LSM and Alex. Both libraries appear to be averaging between 2-3 minutes per item in ABLE, but the statistics are not inclusive enough to determine an accurate time frame.
  2. LINCPlus is here and seems to be working well, except for a problem regarding the scanning of barcodes. Until the problem is fixed, barcodes will be typed into the program instead of scanned. Both LSM and Alex will run a test of LINCPlus for serials and monographs in the current shipment. Provided things go smoothly, LINCPlus will be utilized full-time in the following shipment. Bindery team members will take turns using LINCPlus in order to familiarize themselves with the process. Ian will look into getting a dedicated computer for LINCPlus use, as it would facilitate and expedite the workflow at both sites.
  3. Due to the overflow of projects, Alex will concentrate primarily on the SMLR project, the New Jersey Documents project, and the massive boxing/rebinding project.
  4. Bindable Unit Thickness/Binding Frequency: As a general rule, units over 2” are split, though weight is the ultimate indicator. Units under 2” that weigh a considerable amount or contain pages that can easily come loose, should be split. Any binding frequency changes made should not exceed two years. For changes over two years, a selector should be contacted to make the final decision.

Other Issues: The NBL website is being updated which calls for updated procedures in the following areas:

  1. Repairs
  2. Workflow and documentation for LINCPlus
  3. Bound holdings
  4. Projects (ex: missing pages, boxes, rebinding, backrun)

LSM will write LINCPlus, missing pages, boxing/rebinds and backrun procedures while Alex works on all of its projects.


  1. Bindery team members at both sites will sit down with LINCPlus throughout the week
  2. LINCPlus will be tested with the current shipment


  1. LSM will write outlines for procedures and documentation
  2. Ian will see about getting a computer dedicated to LINCPlus use at each site
  3. LSM and Alex will continue to keep stats


  1. Full LINCPlus implementation

Meeting adjourned at 10:04am.

Next meeting: June 15, 2004 at ALEX
Next recorder: Jamie Maguire
Backup recorder: Neera Sondhi

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_04-05-11.shtml
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