Minutes of June 15, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus (chair), Ingrid Diaz, Azon DeChavez, Jamie Maguire (recorder), Neera Sondhi


  1. LINCPlus – general process, problems, fixes, issues
  2. Projects – SMLR, rebinding, boxing, missing pages
  3. Meeting Minutes – how Andy wants them
  1. Still having barcoding problems in LINCPlus hopefully this will be resolved soon. As of now caps locks key should be on when scanning barcodes in LINCPlus.LSM’s first bindery shipment using LINCPlus had some problems; ICI was unable to view any of LSM’s input. Currently Bryan Scott from ICI’s main office is looking into the problem, which most likely has to do with the conversion on their side. Also due to the time lapse between when LSM’s ABLE records were converted and when LINCPlus was ready to use a lot of clean up and maintenance of LSM titles did not transfer into LINCPlus. LSM is going to look into having ICI possibly re-convert their ABLE records.
    ICI has also noticed a few minor issues, which are listed below:
    • Sometimes there is a space before the information in the variable field or there is a space at the end of the variable information. These spaces cause the information printed on the spine to not be centered. ICI ask that we please be careful not to start or end a line with a leading or following space.
    • The foil color on some records has the actually word, WHITE. ICI’s system does not recognize this. The correct information should just be a W (for white).
    • Items need to be identified by their TYPE. Make sure the field is filled in with a P for periodical and an M for monograph, other prompts as appropriate.
    • Watch out for apostrophe’s and quotes. For some reason ICI is seeing a quote mark where we mean to us an apostrophe. They see DON”T when we mean DON’T.
  2. The bindery team also decided it was best to standardize the variables in LINCPlus. Some of the more common variables were decided on at the meeting and can be found listed below. It was decided that all members of the bindery team should create a bindery team email address and begin posting other less common variables that we will need to standardize. This group email can also be used to post other problems encountered while using LINCPlus.

  3. Standardize variables: Volume = V;
      Number = NO;
      Year = YR;
      Page = P;
      Month = MO;
      Part = PT;
      Quarter = QTR;
  4. Bindery team decided to update the “Bind folder standards” document. It was suggested that the delimiters are spelt out and a few more added. Also the document should mention that only a number should appear in the “bind no.” field, we are no longer typing “update” in this field.
  5. Projects: Ian reported that most serials for the SMLR project were done and they were now moving on to “Proceedings”. He also informed us that some staff from Newark Library are coming to Alexander Library for training on repairs.
    Rebinding project is just about done.
    Boxes have been ordered just waiting to receive back.
    Missing pages project continues slowly due to time/staff constraints
  6. Ian discussed how Andrew would like to see our minutes formatted.


  1. LINCPlus variables standardized
  2. Natascha Owens should attend Bindery Meetings


  1. Everyone will set-up bindery team email, look for uncommon variables that need to be standardized and problems that can be posted to group.
  2. Ian will update “Bind folder standards” document.


  1. Written procedures and documentation for all current workflows.

Next Meeting: July 13, 2004 Time: 9 AM
Place: Alexander Library Recorder: Neera Sondhi
Backup recorder: Azon DeChavez

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