Minutes of August 17, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus(Chair), Azon De Chavez(Recorder), Ingrid Diaz, Jamie Maguire, Natascha Owens, Neera Sondhi <


  1. Projects
  2. Procedures
  3. Plans
  4. Other words that start with the letter p


Ian Bogus emphasized that there are huge projects going on. SLMR projects are waiting to finish as well as New Jersey Documents projects. The supplies of boxes are inadequate to box the documents. LSM projects are in progress. Jamie will talk to Michelle of LSM Access Services to update the staff assignments.

Jamie reported that she is having hard time to get in touch with Bryan, the contact person Re: LINCPlus when she encountered problems and need to be fixed.


No further discussions in any of the procedures matter. Members of Bindery Team Group will go over the procedures and will talk in next meeting


To clean up SLMR serials project. To start on SLMR “Proceedings”. To prepare some LSM rebinding and Jamie make necessary steps and arrangements of payment. To strengthen and clean up the ABLE records vs. LINCPlus. To update the bindery folder with the new information. To put the new title in ABLE.

Other Matters

HOLDINGS = Neera brought out the problems she encountered like for example: Bound volume holdings appears above current holdings in the redbook. Ian suggested to take note and print out any descripancies we found out in the record then give to the respective Bindery Coordinator. Take statistics for justification to get help. Make guidelines on holding problems. Identify the problems. Ian will talk to Department Head for possible solutions. Ian pinpointed to the group that the only responsibility of the Bindery Dept. in updating the holdings is only from 2003 and later. Any other related problems the group might encountered to please notify the Receiving Coordinator.


  1. Ian will talk the Dept head for holdings problems.
  2. Ian advised Jamie to be persistent to call Bryan any questions on LINCPlus. Keep calling !!!


  1. Finalization of the Bindery procedures

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 Time: 9:00 am
Place: Alexander Library Recorder: Ingrid Diaz
Backup Recorder: Jamie Maguire

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_04-08-17.shtml
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