Minutes of January 18, 2005 meeting

Ian Bogus(chair), Ingrid Diaz, Jamie Maguire(recorder), Natascha Owens


  1. Preparation for new hire
  2. Projects update
  3. Plans for the next six months or so
  4. Processing
  5. More fun at work

1. Preparation for new hire

If all goes well, we should have a new addition to our department/team by the beginning of February. In anticipation of this we need a training schedule. It was decided that, once we had the new hire, Jamie would help in training for Preservation. To do so Jamie will spend three half days at Alexander Library and Ian would try to schedule time to spend at LSM, maybe a half a day.

2. Projects

No new updates. Missing pages ongoing but slow, need to get more student help

3. Plans

The TSCWG has now broken down to three subgroups, one of which is Bindery/Processing/Preservation. Ian Bogus is our representative from New Brunswick. In order to identify how material gets to us and is handled in its entirety we have been asked to begin taking note of material we received, how its received, from where etc... In order to do so we will each create flow charts for all material received in each category: Bindery, Preservation, and Processing. This will hopefully allow us to recognize similar paths for different materials that may be able to flow more efficiently. We will also analyze our funds, which will allow us to plan some future projects, such as rebinding or boxing. And there was mention of planning a training session for Water Damage.

4. Processing

Jamie has contacted Dave Hoover in hopes of having the Labeling Program used at TSB installed/implemented at both ALEX & LSM. In hopes of finding a new labeling program Processing procedures were on hold. It was decided to go a head and write procedures for what we currently use, if needed they will be updated later. It was decided that a completed draft of these procedures should be done by Feb.11th. There was also a lot of questions about Multipiece materials, Ian will inquire about current status.

5. More fun at work

We discussed ways of having fun at work in order to boost morale and break the monotony. Possible idea was having some kind of lunch/workshop every few months, such as paper making, bookmaking etc....


  1. Flow charts due 1/21/05
  2. Draft of Processing procedures completed by 2/11/05
  3. Meetings will now be the third Tuesday of every month at 9:15 am


  1. Flow charts
  2. Jamie follow up with Dave Hoover
  3. Ian inquiry about Multipiece work flow?
  4. Processing procedures


  1. New Labeling Program

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 15, 2005: Alexander Library Time: 9:15 am
Next recorder: Natascha Owens
Back up recorder: Ingrid Diaz

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