Minutes of April 19, 2005 meeting

Ian Bogus (Chair), Jamie Maguire, Ingrid Diaz-Silva, Natascha Owens, Yasu Denda (Recorder)


  1. PMI Overview
  2. Updates on Projects
  3. Update on end of fiscal year preparations
  4. Processing Standards

1. PMI Overview

2. Projects

3. Fiscal Year End

4. Processing Standards


  1. Bindery team members have a weekly 3.5 hour quota to fulfill. This time must be spent repairing books. We will enact this quota after the PO number project.
  2. For processing standards, suggest to TSB that they use 362 tags to clarify labeling standards. If not, propose creation of new tag.
  3. Create a more specific and standardized form for book plates
  4. New workflow is needed to deal with accompanying material
  5. Titles will be added to pamphlet binds


  1. For 3.5 hour repair quota, each bindery member will have an alloted day. Ingrid - Friday afternoon. Jamie - Monday afternoon. Ian - Friday afternoon. Yasu - Thursday afternoon.

Next meeting: May 17, 2005: Alex Time: 9:15 AM
Next recorder: Ingrid
Back up recorder: Jamie

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