Minutes of January 10, 2006 meeting

From New Brunswick--Bill Bejarano, Ian Bogus [Chair], Yasu Denda, Jamie Maguire, Natascha Owens [Recorder]; From Camden--Eric Fizur, Terry McNally; From Newark--Iliana Bernal, Bonnie Paz, Joyce Watson
Mary Belinsky (TAS)


  1. Introductions
  2. Intentions and Scope of Group
  3. Brief Overviews of Personnel and Processes Currently in Place


Group took turns introducing themselves and describing their current job duties.

Intentions and Scope of Group

Ian explained the type of topics we usually discuss in our meetings such as: workflows, problems/issues, and projects. It was suggested that we start to talk more about procedures.

Brief Overviews of Personnel and Processes Currently in Place

ICI just merged with one of the largest binders in the country this change should not have a negative effect on our workflow.

The group had a quick discussion of written documentation as far as standards and procedures are concerned. The group should think about how much we would like to collaborate on writing/revising our current procedures.

Labeling in Newark and Camden: In Newark either Henry, or student employees do the labeling and in Camden they use TSB’s labeling program.

Accompanying Material in Newark and Camden: Camden has never separated accompanying materials from their main item and Newark always separates their accompanying material in order to prevent theft.

Forms for binding/repairs in Newark and Camden: Newark does not have a form but they do charge items to the department.

Camden has a simple form that they would like to update. Jamie will send out the New Brunswick “Problem Ticket” via email to show the rest of the group.

Damaged materials: Ian offered to do some workshops on how to handle wet books—everyone liked this idea. Both New Brunswick and Newark currently have a backlog of damaged books and will only accept books from circulation. It was suggested that Newark send some items to the binder instead of repairing them all in-house. Camden and Newark ask selectors to decide whether to withdraw, repair in-house, or send damaged books to binder.

The group discussed their binding programs (N.B. uses LINCPlus while Newark and Camden use ABLE) and how their shipments to the binder may or may not vary.

LINCPlus will be installed in Newark after they have become acclimated to the new binding workflow that was recently implemented. Newark reported that they are making good progress on cleaning up their backlog.


  1. The group can bring up any questions, concerns, or interesting points over e-mail in between meetings.


  1. Jamie will send out the New Brunswick “Problem Ticket”.
  2. The group will review the procedures Jamie sent out prior to our meeting as well as the documentation currently posted on the N.B. web site that is relevant to our group.
  3. Newark and Camden should send out any written procedures they have to the rest of the group.


  1. A more in-depth discussion of End-Processing procedures.

Next meeting: March 14, 2006: Alexander McDonnell room with teleconferencing to Newark and Camden Time: 10am
Next recorder: Bill Bejarano
Back up recorder: Yasu Denda

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