University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the January 29, 2002 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Soong, Toyama
Guest Speaker:
Brent Ruben, Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, Rutgers University

Organizational Assessment Planning and Improvement Discussion - B. Ruben

As part of the Libraries Investment in Learning initiative, Brent Ruben, Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, Rutgers University, made a presentation to Cabinet on the National Association of College and University Business Officers Excellence in Higher Education: A Baldridge-Based Guide to Organizational Assessment, Planning, and Improvement program. The goal of the Excellence in Higher Education approach is to develop an organizational quality assessment framework to meet the special needs of higher education, and particularly colleges and universities in which teaching, research, and public service are all components of the institutional mission. The EHE workshop process consists of Self Assessment, Prioritizing Areas for Improvement, Planning Projects, Implementing Projects, and Completing Projects and Reporting Progress. Cabinet will assess the value of participating in the process as part of its own professional leadership and the benefit of extending to the rest of the Libraries.

Budget Strategies - Gaunt

Cabinet continued budget strategies discussion taking into consideration memo from President Lawrence suspending discretionary spending and guidelines to be sent from Vice President Seneca. A number of things were discussed that can be done related to collections, personnel and operations based on input from Agnew, Boyle (Reference Statistics by Campus and Public Services Statistics, Soong (RUL Faculty Vacant Lines/Temporary Librarians), and Sewell (2001/02 Collections Budget). For the next Cabinet meeting we will target a 5% budget reduction thinking system wide and at a local level where savings may be realized. For this year we will pay encumbrances, process non-state orders on hand, and look at resources in negotiation. No new orders will be placed against state funds. Approvals, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery will continue. Contractual obligations will be honored, but there will be no hiring on new lines. Real issue is related to integration and doing a process examination on what can be done more efficiently. Main action points will be sent out in E-mail.

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

VALE: Announced at VALE Executive Committee that this year's grant from the State Library is secure. Rutgers University received a free subscription to Ebsco and 14% underwritten to ABI. The state is not certain whether McGreevey will keep the $325k, which comes from separate lines. If he cuts down or eliminates, our dollar figure will be different next year.




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