University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 9, 2003 Meeting

Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Tehrani
Dr. Philip Furmanski, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Open Discussion with Dr. Philip Furmanski

In an open dialogue with Cabinet members, who briefed Dr. Furmanski on highlights in their areas, Dr. Furmanski posed two questions to Cabinet: one, what is the relationship between the libraries and the schools, faculty and students and the degree to which there is interaction, and two, what are the implications related to restructuring for all units that serve overriding functions to the University? Furmanski stated the need to know the costs involved as the University goes to the Legislature to make the case for or against restructuring. Two make-or-break issues that are crucial to restructuring are governance and funding. Economies of scale will need to be maintained. Furmanski also discussed the way the budget process will be handled in the future. Budgeting is holistic and needs to be a strategic and planning process that will be tied to academic initiatives and imperatives. A small task force will be given a charge to look at an all funds budgeting process. Process will have contingencies built into it. Do not know what the budget will be but we will know the implications of all the various scenarios. The process will take into account all the resources, expenditures, and responsibilities and what we are looking to accomplish. This is tied to an ongoing discussion with each of the units and directors about what they want to accomplish.

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt attended the Academic Leadership Breakfast on September 5 for department chairs and academic deans. At the breakfast meeting, restructuring was discussed, with the focus on New Brunswick. Similar meetings will be held on the Newark and Camden Campuses. At the New Brunswick meeting, a copy of the "Summary of Draft Report of University Central Committee," which is co-chaired by Joseph Seneca and Dean Harold Paz of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, was distributed. President McCormick opened the restructuring discussion and said that there would have to be a commitment for startup and ongoing funds and the governance issue would have to be satisfactory for the restructuring to be approved.

Deans Council

University has $3M in academic excellence funds this year. Funds would be available for University priorities in new areas as well as core programs.

Under the leadership of Vice President Furmanski, the Office of Academic Affairs will operate as a team and anyone in that office can answer questions relating to all areas. Karen Stubaus is Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Linda Schulze and Roberta Leslie are Assistant Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, and Rita MacIndoe is Executive Manager of Academic Affairs. Furmanski and Karen Kavanagh, Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs, will work together with priorities being shaped by what will foster the academic growth and initiative of the university.

Commission on Jobs, Growth, and Economic Development discussion led by John Colaizzi. Based on the five areas identified that would foster inter-university collaboration with industry, there will probably be 17 proposals that will go in from Rutgers and UMDNJ for approval. State bonds, if approved, will fund the program.

Report on IT/Libraries Working Group and Restructuring Update - Gaunt

Gaunt reported on the IT/Library Working Group, which she co-chairs with NJIT President Robert Altenkirch. The group will meet again on September 12. Agnew, Boyle, Golden, and Mullins are members of sub-groups of the IT/Libraries Working Group. In advance of that meeting, the sub-groups have been working on their own reports. Agnew is a member of the IT/Library System-Wide Task Team and is working on their report. Boyle reported on the IT and Library Issues Working Group: Central University. Mullins reported on the University of the North: IT/Library Task Team. Golden reported on the IT/Library Southern Subgroup.

State of the Libraries

Gaunt will send out electronically to Cabinet suggested content for the State of the Libraries meeting that will be held November 12, 2003. Gaunt will invite Furmanski to be guest speaker.

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