University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 22, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Zapcic
Sewell, Tehrani
Susan Beck

Excellence Indicators Update Beck

Susan Beck, chair of the Assessment Committee discussed the recently revised Academic Excellence Quality Indicators and their new definitions, which Beck distributed to Cabinet. The revised version, developed after consultation with Gaunt and the Coordinating Committee, contains what was determined to be the most useful things for looking at the quality indicators for the library system. All perspectives are from that of the user group. Following Cabinet discussion, Beck agreed to make minor changes. Additional comments may be sent to Beck. The next step will be for the committee to design a program for sharing the Indicators with Library faculty and staff and other identified stakeholders as part of a validation process to take place in early fall. Gaunt and Cabinet thanked Beck and the Assessment Committee members for their excellent work in revising the Indicators.

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Music/Film/Video Across the University Golden

As a discussion tool, Golden distributed handout on Ctrax, a music service powered by MusicNet, and a legal service to help universities combat piracy and peer-to-peer downloading; their catalog includes over 700,00 audio tracks, files that are encoded in Windows Media Audio and Real format, 30 second preview samples, audio files that may be burned to CD, audio files that may be transferred to other computers and portable devices, songs that are encrypted using Digital Rights Management. Cabinet agreed that this discussion should be placed in the context of our strategic directions. What role do the Libraries wish to play related to music/video/film across the university? Cabinet discussed the difference in music for educational use and recreational use. The music available through these programs will probably be for recreational use. We need to consider the bandwidth that would be required to support it, potential demand and location of potential use, purchasing access or digitizing ourselves or some combination, copyrights and licensing, and collection development. Cabinet thanked Gary for bringing the issue to the fore, and Gaunt will discuss with Sewell setting up a group to investigate the Libraries' role and strategies for distributing media across the university.

DLI-II Update - Gaunt

Gaunt distributed the PowerPoint from the June 11, 2004 Libraries' Faculty meeting and the preliminary report on the "Responses of Faculty to the Digital Initiative II Survey," prepared by Tricia Libutti for the Coordinating Committee. Documents related to our strategic planning will be put on our website. Gaunt updated those unable to attend the meeting and noted any new work since then. Gaunt met with Dan O'Connor and Marie Radford and they will have a draft report by mid July. It will contain an introduction to set the context, include demographics related to the participants; note those items upon which there was agreement; include topics that were mentioned but not fully investigated at each meeting, but would be worth pursuing; and make recommendations for our strategic plan. Work continues on the symposium with Clara Lovett.








Next meeting July 14 at 9:00 a.m.

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