University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the July 14, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Mullins, Tehrani, Zapcic
Golden, Puniello, Sewell

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Meeting with Sheila Creth - Gaunt

Discussed upcoming two-day meeting with Sheila Creth and her draft framework for discussion. Gaunt asked for Cabinet feedback about the framework for discussion, organization of the two days, and agreed to draft the invitation to faculty and staff to participate.

Envisioning the Future Symposium - Gaunt

Cabinet should encourage their staff and librarians to attend. Morning session is available for teleconferencing; breakout sessions must be attended in person. Dr. Furmanski will speak from the University perspective, Dr. Clara Lovett from the higher education perspective, and Gaunt from research libraries. Thanks to Mullins for agreeing to facilitate a discussion in the afternoon session.

Online Serials Management Task Force Report - Agnew

Agnew gave an overview of the report, which had been distributed in advance by Sewell. The committee was charged to analyze issues related to the management of serials with a special emphasis on online serials, including print with online, cataloging issues when there are multiple URLs, fund representation, and evaluation tools. The committee was to make recommendations relating to a more system wide approach to serials management and general principles for a fund-coding scheme that will facilitate the management of serials and provide the accounting information needed by RUL. Some of the issues in the report came up in regard to workflow - not enough staff members within RUL with the expertise to evaluate and place online and "print with online" subscriptions; implementing a new subscription has system wide implications that require intercampus coordination; communication channels and responsibilities related to the placement, management, and cancellation of subscriptions are not clear; there are not enough staff members with the expertise to maintain online functionality; funding decisions are inconsistent; fund codes currently in use do not provide adequate management information. The task force recommended the creation of a serials team whose membership includes a core staff from all campuses who will share knowledge, skills, and responsibilities in the placement of print, print with online, and online-only subscriptions; a consolidation of subscriptions; and a fund code review and analysis, which should begin immediately, with the goal of implementing a new structure for fiscal year 2006. Cabinet endorsed the recommendations of the report.

Follow-up on Media Across the University - Boyle

Following Cabinet's June 22 discussion of Cflix as a possible solution for the delivery of media, Sewell, Boyle and Gaunt discussed how to proceed in this area, which overlaps public services, technical services and collection development. Sewell had distributed a charge for a task force, which Cabinet discussed. The draft recommended that a task force look at the ways media might be received and distributed at Rutgers; identify available commercial modes of delivering media; and identify national and international media projects. Suggestions included expanding to include audio reserves, a mechanism for acquiring titles; cataloging issues, networking and bandwidth needs; preservation, and expanding the introduction. Suggestions for task force members should go to Sewell, who will work on a revision of the charge.







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