University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the August 24, 2004 Meeting

Agnew (via telephone), Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Puniello, Sewell, Tehrani, Zapcic
Shaun Ellis, Samuel McDonald, Lucye Millerand

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Demonstration of New RUL Event Scheduler and Room Reservation Application Boyle/Fultz

Following Boyle's introduction on the need for an online room and equipment scheduler for RUL that would allow for more efficient reservation of conference rooms, equipment, and usage of personnel, Ellis, Fultz, McDonald and Millerand gave an overview and a demonstration of the new RUL Event Scheduler and Room Reservation Application, BookRoom, which has been developed by McDonald and Ellis. The scheduler will be used to schedule single-site and multi-site meetings on and among the three campuses. With Cabinet support, the next stage will be to schedule a meeting with all the room managers and support people who will be involved in using the application to practice using it and to identify areas of change or other things that would need to be incorporated and continue with development of the scheduler.

2005 Collections Budget Discussion Sewell

Sewell distributed a handout listing the 2005 collections budget as of 8/18/04 including the base, funds from ICI, and additional funds from the Vice President of Academic Affairs. After budgeting for fixed costs (all standing orders and serials, memberships, binding, reserves, interlibrary loan, shipping) and carry-over firm orders, there is very little remaining for new purchases. In planning our budget strategy we may expect additional funds from various sources, including the Executive VP, deans, the NJ State Library from the Knowledge Initiative, or from salary savings or other system-wide gift funds. As we don't yet know if these funds will be available or how much, Cabinet recommends that the current remaining free funds be applied to the approval plan books; that all new firm orders be made from gift and endowment funds; and that we reassess this strategy at the next Cabinet meeting when discussing budget and again in mid-November when we can expect to know about additional funds from other sources indicated above. In addition, we will alert Acquisitions to hold payment on invoices for the Knowledge Initiative databases to which we already subscribe to save reimbursement or credit paperwork when the State Library negotiates costs. This, too, will be reassessed in mid-November.

Communications Audit Review and Follow-up Boyle

Boyle distributed a corrected page 48 to the "Communications Analysis for the Rutgers University Libraries," which contained a data error, and asked for Cabinet advice on rollout and discussion of the report within RUL. Cabinet agreed that it was a very useful document, with things in various categories from those that do not require funds or personnel, those that do require a budget and personnel, and those that are awareness issues. Cabinet suggested that it be organized into topic areas so that it would be easier to discuss recommendations on implementation. Also discussed the recommendation in the report for a Communications and Marketing Advisory Committee and its role, as many of the items enumerated for the committee to undertake already have a committee or individual responsible for them. Boyle will invite the consultants back to make a presentation of the report to RUL and facilitate an open discussion, after which they will meet with Cabinet to discuss a rollout.

Follow-up on Creth Visits - Gaunt

Sheila Creth will visit with the Newark and Camden faculty and staff on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by a meeting with Cabinet Thursday afternoon to discuss findings. All comments made by every group will be included in a topical chart of comments already being assembled from the New Brunswick discussions. This will be shared with RUL. We will also discuss with Creth a process for responding to the items most frequently mentioned by all groups and to other priority areas. Creth noted previously that we might find that some items are local issues, some are important and easily tackled topics, and others may need to be included in the strategic planning process. We will discuss next steps with Creth following her visit on Thursday.

Director's Workstation and iLink - Agnew

Agnew gave an overview of SIRSI Director's Station, which is a client-server based system that generates data that is downloaded to the dedicated server nightly. Data is current, but not "live" so that report generation does not compete with SIRSI use. Statistics can be generated across modules; Director's Station features a web-based, intuitive client. Any faculty or staff with a need, including committees, etc., can generate reports. There is potential use for TAS benchmarking, ARL statistics preparation, RUL Assessment Committee support, RUL budget requests, and collection development analyses. Output includes Excel and graphical outputs that can be incorporated in report; features include deep analysis tools, "on demand" reports, email alert service, ability to influence future developments. SIRSI's new web presentation, iLink, is currently included at no cost and Boyle spoke to the value this will be for users with better and additional functionality than the current IRIS. Following Cabinet discussion of the many advantages to having both the director's workstation and iLink, Cabinet recommended the purchase.








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