University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the October 5, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Zapcic
Boyle, Tehrani
Nancy Hendrickson

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Academic Excellence Awards - Gaunt

Gaunt asked Cabinet to consider what the Libraries may wish to apply for in this program. Two ideas arose: focusing on one of the excellence center, transportation, the Libraries may want to model how the repository structure might be used to maintain data related to transportation. Agnew and Sewell will work with librarians in this multi-disciplinary area to identify teaching faculty partners. We may also wish to revise and update last year's proposal on the jazz photograph collection to create an image database for the repository. Mullins will work on this with Agnew and others. Cabinet members were encouraged to eek additional ideas from their unit faculty and staff. All proposals need to be sent to Gaunt using the forms designated by November 8. The dean must rank all unit proposals and forward them to Furmanski.

Budget Overview - Gaunt/Hendrickson

Hendrickson and Gaunt reviewed the salary savings projections for the year after input from Cabinet on changes, reviewed the below the line funds in system-wide, central administration, and all units, and the central and unit development funds (restricted and non-restricted) to determine flexibility. Major purchases that need to be made that could not be covered by the units were also considered. This will be a tight year and several items remain unknown: new development funds, the financial impact of the state's knowledge initiative, and other potential state funding. It was decided that 50% of the projection for salary savings in the units could be used now; 10% would be returned to Furmanski as university policy, and the remaining 40% would be released some time in January as we assess budget impacts. No special allocations to the units would be made to cover additional expenses that could not be covered by their existing funds until January.

Faculty lines were also reviewed and three were released for recruitment: instructional technology/informatics position in New Brunswick, Non-Roman Catalog position in TAS, and reference librarian at Dana. There is a possibility for another faculty position to be released in New Brunswick at a later data. Depending on the number of reclassifications and hires above salary in lines (requiring salary dollars to cover), additional positions may be released later in the year. Cabinet was asked to submit their requests to re-class positions (that they are holding) to gauge the amount of funding required. If funds are not available, staff will not be permitted to work out of their classification. A separate discussion will take place on the need for staff lines that do not currently exist in some units.

Structure for the Strategic Plan - Gaunt

Gaunt reviewed the advice from the Planning and Coordinating Committee and asked for Cabinet input. There was consensus on the structure of a small steering committee and the use of subcommittees composed primarily of existing committees/groups, but expanded as needed. In some cases new groups may need to be formed where none exist on an important topic/area for the plan. The recommended characteristics of those who should be on the steering committee were agreed upon, but other substantive areas are also important, such as understanding the role and context of the library in the university; ability to relate to partnerships among the research institutions, such as UMDNJ, and NJIT, as well as internal units, such as OIT; knowledge of how information technology will transform and facilitate new roles for the library. The concept of asking for nominations to the steering committee was seen as a way to engage everyone in the process. A draft invitation to nominate with the characteristics of those who should be included on the steering committee will be prepared, as well as a draft charge. Lists of existing committees and their roles in relation to the steering committee and each other will also be shared. This will be completed in time for the State of the libraries program, which will focus on the strategic plan.

Fundraising/Development - Zapcic








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