University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the December 14, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Tehrani, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt distributed to Cabinet a copy of "Tackling the Big Questions: Our Keynoters Take on Fiscal Challenge, the Future of the Internet, and CMS," which appeared in the December 2004 issue of Syllabus. This article featured UC's Kristine Hafner, and CNI's Clifford Lynch discussing the role of IT in a large university and the relationship of teaching and scholarship for course management systems. Will be interesting for us in our strategic planning and for Boyle, Golden and Mullins as part of the OIT strategic planning.

Strategic Plan Discussion - Gaunt

Discussed handout Gaunt distributed in advance of the Cabinet meeting on "Mission, Vision, and Values" for RUL. Sample statements from other university libraries were included. Some library strategic plans include all three statements; others include one or two. Cabinet should review our mission statement to ensure that it still addresses our role in the university. In addition, we should prepare a draft vision and values statement for discussion within RUL. Our statements should reflect the university's mission and vision, and where appropriate, we might consider similar language. Following discussion, it was decided that using the concepts of integration, integrators, collaborative, and leadership, Cabinet members should suggest vision statements that incorporate those ideas/themes and send to Gaunt by December 23 for review. Gaunt will compile statements and bring to the next Cabinet meeting for review. Statements will be shared with the units and Councils for local discussion and appropriate changes incorporated.

Follow-up on Creth Discussion - Gaunt

Discussion continued on critical issues to be addressed related to potential structural changes for the Libraries to address future challenges. Comments from the Creth discussions as well as the Cabinet retreat and other observations were considered. A framework for considering models is important, as any structure can work, but we need to think about ways that the structure can ameliorate some of the problems we have identified. Gaunt distributed a draft of issues that need to be addressed as we develop new models. Would we be able to address some of these challenges with better integration across New Brunswick and among the three campuses at the working group level? Models already exist for some areas. Would we have a better chance for recruitment at the highest levels if we reflected more closely what our ARL peers look like? Cabinet was asked to consider the characteristics of a better-integrated model for RUL. Comments and ideas should be sent to Gaunt by December 23 to be compiled for review at the next Cabinet meeting. Following that review we will engage all of RUL in discussions.

Update on "SPARC Institutional Repositories: The Next Stage Workshop" - Sewell

Will be tabled until the next Cabinet meeting.

Briefing on the Marts & Lundy Benchmarking Report to the Board of Overseers Zapcic

Zapcic reported on the December 9 meeting with the Board of Overseers and President McCormick at which Marts & Lundy presented their "Rutgers University Foundation Benchmarking Final Report." The study followed the University's just completed and successful $615 million campaign and President McCormick's goal for a $1 billion capital campaign. Marts & Lundy were asked by the Rutgers University Foundation to conduct a major benchmarking study of other AAU public research universities that are currently engaged in or have successfully completed $1 billion campaigns. Among several other recommendations, Marts & Lundy concluded that the current level of fundraising at Rutgers, if it can be maintained, should provide a solid foundation for a $1 billion campaign and recommended next steps in order to determine the scope of the next campaign. In thinking about the libraries over the next two years, it would be useful for Cabinet members to make suggestions on a small group of focused priorities that we will finalize at the next Cabinet meeting.




Next meeting: January 11, 2005

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