University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the May 23, 2006 Meeting

Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Tehrani, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

RUcore Website Demo L. Langschied/A. Montanaro

Langschied and Montanaro demonstrated the RUcore website for Cabinet in order to solicit input to the repository development. Cabinet asked that the Libraries logo be prominently displayed on the front page so that outsiders or faculty members will have an idea of the purpose of the repository; editorial suggestions were also made. The goal is to have whatever the university produces that needs to be preserved in the repository; we need to prioritize the target collections. The initial focus at this time is on academic scholarly material; but we will be working towards administrative publications. As far as workflow, the intention is for the metadata manager to set up a template common to the whole collection and have the end user fill it out. Within the repository, there are RUcore tools, which are designed to make it easy for Rutgers faculty and their collaborators to participate in the Rutgers Community Repository. The most important tool is the Workflow Management System a web-based graphical user interface for uploading digital objects (images, data sets, audio files, video files, digital text, etc.) and creating metadata to describe and manage those objects. It is intended for people to be able to describe their own materials but not be able to edit yet. A meeting will be held this week to discuss next steps; plans are to roll out the workflow management system and provide metadata training. Gaunt suggested that Cabinet review the website and provide feedback to Langschied and Montanaro; the important thing is to make it easier. Will make a decision on who will be involved in the future to provide additional feedback and determine the ease of use; public service representation is needed on the committee. Although we are not ready at this time, we will need multiple ways to announce the repository to faculty. Langschied applauded Agnew and Chad Mills for their work on the repository website. Gaunt thanked Langschied and Montanaro for the demonstration.

Report on Digital Media Working Group Gaunt

Due to time constraints, this agenda item will be carried over to another meeting.

Discussion of Type 4 Employment Gaunt/N. Hendrickson/S. Troy

Troy distributed handouts to Cabinet and discussed Type 4 employees. Gaunt asked Cabinet to review the status of their Type 4 employees to ensure that we are in compliance with University Regulations. This may mean that some employees will need to have their work weeks reduced and/or to be kept on the payroll no longer than 11 months per year. Additionally, according to university regulation 60.1.1 dealing with the employment of relatives, to avoid any conflict of interest, students and other temporary employees should not work in the same unit where there family members reside. If this is occurring in any unit, that employee should be moved to another unit to avoid conflict; any questions should be directed to Troy. Gaunt and Troy will work on guidelines for Type 4 employees specific to the Libraries that are compliant with university guidelines.

Budget Update Gaunt







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