University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the November 21, 2006 Meeting

Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (videoconference), Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Zapcic
Agnew, Tehrani

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Development - Zapcic

Gaunt introduced Jackie Bartley and Jackie Perkel-Joseph from the RU Foundation. Cabinet discussed how the libraries operated across the university, their services, particular collections strengths, and the strategic plan. Discussion continued on how the Libraries could focus their efforts for the campaign, and how they might use the resources of the Foundation.

Bartley indicated that she is intrigued by the breadth of the Libraries' activities; she is running the educational programming for the Foundation and plans to do a development exchange; it will be an opportunity to share with colleagues in different units what they are doing, how they work, and what their goals are; embracing a donor-centered model; looking to accommodate donors across the board and ensure that every Director of Development or fundraiser who has exposure knows what's going on. Bartley would like to invite Gaunt or a Libraries' representative to do a presentation early in the spring.

Perkel-Joseph explained that the donor-centered model is trying to identify the priorities from the various units so the Foundation can go out to prospects or identify new prospects and try to make them match that way. Once the Foundation knows your priorities they will try to find the right corporation alignment.

Zapcic stated that our needs fall into three basic categories: collections, facilities and infrastructure, with our top priority in the campaign related to facilities being our annex on Busch Campus, where we store lesser used but valuable materials, and our third category would be our digital library programs.

Cabinet Review of Campaign Proposals Zapcic

Zapcic set the highest priority goal for this part of the meeting as coming to agreement on which proposals would be the umbrella proposals for major initiatives and ranking proposals in order of urgency as they will help fulfill our strategic plan. Following guidelines from Furmanski, Cabinet should then give the proposals priority ranks of 1, 2, and 3, and Zapcic will work with Gaunt and individual sponsors to further rank them A, B, and C, with A being the most likely to secure donor support for funding. It is possible that some good proposals would be difficult to find donor support at the level needed. The proposals fall into four groupings: collections, digital initiatives, facilities, and general academic excellence.

After discussion, Cabinet agreed on priorities, major umbrella initiatives/opportunities, and how to group proposals together to give them greater impact. The proposals that will be submitted to Furmanski are:


  1. The Rutgers University Libraries Annex II
  2. Flagship of the Busch Campus: A New Science Library
  3. The Kilmer Library: A Collaborative Learning Center
  4. *Proposal to Renovate the Alexander and Jean Balinky Graduate Reading Room
  5. A 21st Century Library in Newark: Renewing the Dana Library to Accommodate New Learner-Centered Study and Research Needs
  6. The Learning Commons at the Paul Robeson Library


  1. Building Rutgers Intellectual Capital By Increasing Unrestricted Endowments for Library Collection Support
  2. *Dissertation Library Awards

Digital Initiatives

  1. The Institutional Repository: Capturing, Preserving and Making Available the Research Output of Rutgers University
  2. Digital Preservation of and Long-term Access to the Collections of the Institute of Jazz Studies: Creating Perpetual Access to Unique Resources
  3. Women Artists Gateway
  4. The Newark Experience
  5. *The Global Feminist Digital Repository and Research Network Project

Academic Excellence

  1. Naming the University Librarian's Position
  2. Named Directorship for the Institute of Jazz Studies
  3. Special Collections and University Archives Endowment
  4. Endowed Archivist Position(s)

Proposals noted by an asterisk (*) are being submitted by other units of the University with the Libraries listed as significant collaborators; we include them for informational purposes.

Other individual proposals that were not submitted as discrete projects will be represented as part of campaign priority projects: the proposal for an Informatics Institute is included as an example under the umbrella of the University Librarian named position endowment, as income from such an endowment will support projects suggested in the proposal; the collections proposals to support the book arts, childhood studies in Camden and global studies in Newark is included in the collections endowment piece and donors may support specific areas; separate Newark facilities proposals is included in the single Dana Library building proposal; and the Margery Somers Foster Center Archivist position is included as a choice for donors interested in supporting a variety of possible named archivist positions.

Proposals will be regrouped and formatted for consistency and clarity according to the guidelines provided by Dr. Furmanksi. We will submit them with a cover summary of all our proposals, and post the complete package for the entire RUL community to read when we have word our package has been accepted. The announcement about what is chosen by Dr. Furmanski and his priorities committee to be included in the capital campaign will be delivered to the units by April 2007.






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