University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 20, 2007 Meeting

Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Sloan, Tehrani, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Report on March 5, 2007 Deans Council Meeting: The State Ethics Commission is working on a code of ethics for state employees that would include Rutgers University. The code of ethics may incorporate the signing of an annual agreement regarding faculty activities, such as consulting, travel, textbook royalties for books assigned to a faculty's own classes, and other potential conflict of interest areas. When the code is released we may want to add those things that pertain to the Libraries.

The University has approved the senate recommendation on limiting certain faculty annual appointments to a maximum of four. Deans, at their discretion, can appoint for three years at a time; however, this should be done with caution because it limits flexibility in times of budget reductions. Appointment letters should include a statement on budget renewal. Troy and Gaunt will review the Libraries related procedures.

The governor's budget is more positive this year, but there is uncertainty until it is approved by the legislature. The governor is hopeful that the budget will be signed earlier than usual June 30. There was an overall increase for higher education, and the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative is included. Even though Rutgers is getting an increase, full salary coverage for the recent merit increases are not included, nor is inflation for any costs. The Board of Governors wishes to keep tuition increases as low as possible. A 1% increase in tuition increases revenue by $3.8M.

Equipment Leasing Fund II (ELF-II Proposal Review Gaunt

Gaunt received a memo from Executive VP Furmanski announcing the New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority (NJEFA) has authorized the University to spend the balance of funds remaining from the Equipment Leasing Fund II (ELF-II), and the Libraries have $68,793 available for renewal or replacement of equipment related to those vetted ELF-II projects in our area. Gaunt informed Sharon Fortin-Kramer that we would be submitting a proposal for the funding and designated Nancy Hendrickson as the Libraries' ELF Project Coordinator. Completed proposal forms are due to Furmanski's office by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 20, 2007.

Gaunt asked Cabinet for suggestions on how we might spend the money. In addition to the several small ticket items that were suggested, a proposal was sent from TAS for $62,590 to migrate the Novell Netware 6 to Windows Server 2003. Cabinet agreed that it might be wiser strategically to use the money for a more expensive infrastructure project that would have to be funded in total, rather than smaller items that could be purchased individually at any time. The first Novell network was one of the original ELF projects, so this would be appropriate under the guidelines. As Agnew was unable to attend the meeting, Gaunt will confirm that there is no other related infrastructure request that is of higher priority. We will finalize this purchase with Cabinet through e-mail. Any remaining funds would be applied to laptops and personal computers. Gaunt also asked Cabinet for a list of any other equipment needs for the libraries or their units by April 15; we will compile a list for prioritizing at another Cabinet agenda should we have funds at the end of this year.

Policies for Naming Opportunities and Gift Assessment Zapcic

Zapcic reviewed with Cabinet the update on the new Gift Assessment Policy and the Rutgers policy for the Naming of Facilities and Erecting Plaques, Monuments, Major Markers, and Artwork.

Gift Assessment Policy: A Gift Assessment Policy was issued in October 2007; a memo was sent from Carol Herring in March to respond to inquiries and issues that have been brought forward as a result of the new policy. The policy was the result of recommendations made by a Task Force appointed by President McCormick in December 2004, charging them with recommending how the university should fund its next campaign. The Board of Overseers adopted the recommendations of the Task Force early this summer.

One of the recommendations of the Task Force was that the university imposes a gift assessment fee of 5% on all gifts and grants of $10,000 or more. All gifts below $10,000, primarily those raised by the Annual Fund, will be subject to a 10% fee. All contributions received from individuals, corporations and foundations are considered whether gifts or grants. Any contribution that meets the definition of a gift as outlined by the Internal Revenue Service will be subject to the gift assessment fee. Any agreements, grants, or pledges made before October 1 will not be subject to this fee. For wills, estates will be assessed when they come in. In cases where the donor (individual, corporate, or foundation) refuses to contribute to indirect costs, the units receiving the gift will have the option of paying the 5% fee from other departmental sources.

Naming of Facilities and Erecting Plaques, Monuments, Major Markers, and Artwork: This policy is available online; the policy statement provides guidelines for naming facilities, building, and other areas of University properties and on requests to erect plaques, monuments, major markers, an artwork. It establishes a committee to review naming proposals and requests, and to make recommendations to the Board of Governors. The guidelines are to establish and maintain standard procedures that reflect the University's values and have the potential to affect Rutgers' public image, to establish a consultation process to provide the benefit of the collective institutional memory and a broad campus perspective with regard to naming activities, and to ensure conformity with the University design standards and the master plan. We have been encouraged to compile our lists of potential naming opportunities in advance so that sign-off will be done when a donor approaches us. Zapcic will prepare a draft list for Cabinet review and additions.

Internal Communications Identity Package Zapcic/Harry Glazer

With the assistance of Ken Kuehl, Glazer prepared sample letterhead for the Libraries, and for individual units to select standard formats for the various Libraries units where the guidelines allow choices. Cabinet decided that their preference is to have "University Libraries" in the standard letterhead under the name Rutgers, rather than individual or campus names, as this is the signature of our unit at the University. Individual unit names will appear in the address portion of the letterhead. There were many questions on the correct URL to use whether to use the Rutgers URL or the Libraries URL or both; there was discussion about individual letterhead for the directors, AULs and the UL, and how to handle the individual addresses for the multiple units and the e-mail addresses. Cabinet approved the use of a watermark for the Institute of Jazz Studies because of its uniqueness. Business cards can be ordered from Mail and Document Delivery Services. The web site needs to be updated with the new Rutgers logo. Glazer will research the questions raised at the Cabinet meeting and send documentation with the appropriate information to each unit. Zapcic, Glazer and Kuehl were commended for the job they are doing in implementing the new identity package.

Report of the Internal Communications Review Task Force Boyle/J. Gardner

Boyle reviewed the charge she had given to the Internal Communications Review Task Force as Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Communications. Judy Gardner, Chair, presented to Cabinet the processes and challenges that were faced by the Task Force, which met four times as a group over the semester before breaking up into sub groups. Cabinet accepted the final report of the Task Force. Those given responsibility in the report for the carrying out the recommendations should begin implementation. This very thoughtful report, as well as the charge to the committee, the list of members, and minutes of their meetings, is posted on our staff pages at: "

The report takes as its starting point the Communications Audit of 2004 and includes an important discussion about our communication culture. It discusses various tools and techniques, including the staff directory, email, listservs, video and audio conferencing, meeting software, editing and collaborative development of documents, Sakai, and the staff resources web pages.

Initial recommendations of the report were:

Cabinet expressed thanks to Judy Gardner, chair of the task force, and to all of the members John Brennan, Yasu Denda, Marc Forster, Sam McDonald, Rhonda Marker, John Shepard, Roger Smith, Julie Still, Ann Watkins, Marilyn Wilt, Connie Wu, and Julia Zapcic who worked with her to examine these important issues so comprehensively.

Please review the report for relevance to your areas. A direct link to the report and its appendices is:







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