University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 6, 2007 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Sloan, Zapcic

1. Cabinet interviewed candidate for position of Director of the Dana Library.

2. University Librarian's Report Gaunt

3. MINES Debriefing Boyle

This item will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting.

4. Free Article Delivery Proposal Gardner

Gardner gave a history of a long-standing tradition of providing free article delivery to students, faculty and staff on Rutgers' geographically remote campuses and from the Libraries Annex; in June 2004, delivery of articles on the web was began and a fee service on all campuses for articles in patrons' home libraries at $5/article was introduced. Article delivery has decreased as more full-text electronic journals have been added to the collection. RUL will implement the ILLiad interlibrary loan management system during the summer of 2007. Based on the success of the pilot project for free article delivery at Indiana University using ILLiad for delivery of campus articles and the service benefits realized by their users, the Access Services Committee recommends that RUL begin to offer free article from the collections to current students, faculty, and staff on all campuses using ILLiad. It will eliminate the fee for delivery of articles from the patron's home campus. Article requests that cannot be filled from a Rutgers library will automatically be sent out as an interlibrary loan request. Patrons will cease placing article requests in IRIS. The "Request Article/Other" form will be renamed and redesigned. It is further recommended that the Unicorn system be configured to automatically route these exceptional "other" requests directly to a filling library or unit. All patron requests for articles will be submitted through ILLiad. It is anticipated that RDS and ILL staff at the larger libraries will work more closely together and share responsibility for filling article requests, whether RDS or ILL. Smaller unit libraries will receive RDS and ILL article requests via email, and will send photocopies to Imaging Services for scanning and delivery to either Rutgers users or outside of Rutgers to our resource sharing libraries. Campus libraries are already meeting a significant demand by filling "free" article requests for patrons on other campuses. It is anticipated that users on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus will account for the greatest impact. Resources needed are a transfer of funding for voucher staff who currently evaluate and route "Request Article/Other" forms to Interlibrary Loan Services (~10 hours/week), and an increase in voucher resources at some libraries, depending on the increase in the number of requests received. The Access Services Committee is enthusiastic about the idea of free article delivery and the connections it will make with patrons, and recommends that we begin the service as a pilot at the same time ILL borrowing on ILLiad begins in July 2007. If done as a pilot, it should include PR and assessment, possibly in the form of a questionnaire. Cabinet accepted the recommendation by the Access Services Committee and thanked them and Gardner for their work on the proposal.


There were no announcements so that some Cabinet members could meet for lunch with the candidate.

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