University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 11, 2007 Meeting

Agnew, Au, Boyle, Dent, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Puniello, Sewell, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report – Gaunt

Gaunt welcomed Valeda Dent and Lila Fredenburg to their first Cabinet meeting.

The faculty contract has been finalized and now needs to be ratified by the faculty; process is expected to take about two more weeks. New items in the contract include a $12M faculty development fund to be used over the course of the 4 year contract for tenure-track hires; a second faculty grievance process has been added that provides for an appeal by the grievant after 15 days on any aspect of the review process; the decision by the PRC after that review becomes final; the financial package removes steps in the merit pool and replaces it with percentages.

In anticipation of our petitioning for the use of some of the funds for librarian positions, Gaunt will be asking the Planning/Coordinating Committee to recommend priorities for faculty lines over the course of the next four years and the impact those lines would have on the libraries and the university-service to faculty research and student learning. We can also make the additional case for those positions by citing the fact that salary savings from some of the frozen librarian positions are being used to supplement the cut in collections funds from the budget shortfall, so that additional salary dollars would actually free up an equal amount of dollars for collections.

VP Furmanski expects to name a task force on non-tenure track faculty. The purpose will be to examine how non-tenure track faculty positions are used in all the units. During this process no units will be able to establish new clinical faculty tracks. During the contract negotiations many issues specifically for non-tenure track faculty arose that could not be decided. Both sides agreed to discuss this area more, and this task force will attempt to gather the necessary information for those discussion. Gaunt will ask the Planning/Coordinating Committee to outline our use of non-tenure track positions and the appropriate need for such positions.

Attended President McCormick's annual administrative meeting with faculty leadership where he previewed a few topics breakfast in his state of the university address; he will announce new diversity initiatives. Under Karen Stubaus' leadership, he will create an office of diversity leadership on all three campuses. He is planning some initiatives specifically for faculty where our success rates in recruiting a diverse faculty have fallen. Part of this initiative will include training for search committees to enhance their pool of candidates. There will be a special outreach program to schools (8th grade) in Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick where our campuses reside but where there are few students enrolled at Rutgers. The program will target 8-10 students that the university will mentor in anticipation of their attending the university with a full scholarship. Both Valeda and Lila will be the Libraries contacts for these initiatives, as we want to be engaged in both programs. The president noted that sixty percent more students visited Rutgers over the summer; much of this is attributed to higher visibility resulting from the success of our football and women's basketball teams.

VP Furmanski talked about the state's audit of higher education. The University has been providing many documents over the course of the last two years; during that time the university has already changed a number of our business practices. In the state there is a heighted awareness for accountability in using state funds; many articles in the news have addressed these issues. Nancy Hendrickson's office has been very diligent in ensuring that the Libraries are in compliance with university regulations regarding the use and accountability of our funds. None the less, the final report will be released soon and we expect that there will be many recommendations and new procedures affecting us.

Because there are many new deans, VP Furmanski also reviewed the sabbatical process and reminded deans that they needed to approve sabbaticals based on merit. He noted that the program provides one and two semester leaves to eligible faculty members to undertake research of significance to the person and the department. The criteria for approval includes statements that the leave will provide for the improvement of the faculty member in his or her academic functions at the university; that the unit can cover staffing needs. The proposal must meet scholarly development and the dean has the right to ask the faculty member to rethink it or explain how their proposal meets the criteria before approving it. Gaunt will ask Planning and Coordinating Committee to review our procedures to determine if anything new is necessary in our process.

The university is in the final stage of the first draft of the middle states report that will go to the chair of the visiting review team; the first site visit will be in early November; the full team will visit in March.

LibQual 2005: A Comparative Review - Boyle

Boyle reviewed the Rutgers 2005 Survey Results with Cabinet. She presented the data in two different formats that were easier to use than the direct LibQual reports. She asked for input about how the data could be arranged and/or presented in the future. She noted that we did not have a large enough sample in some areas to provide a very detailed level of analysis, and asked where we might want to pursue acquiring more data. The LibQual results should help inform annual strategic goal setting, and also indicate areas needing more exploration. As a follow-up, Gaunt asked the AULs to look at their areas for the top priorities and for questions we need to ask next. If and when we do this again, it was suggested that we have summit meetings to discuss and review the findings.

Goal Setting - Gaunt/Boyle

Boyle reviewed with Cabinet the strategic plan goals and objectives grid for 2007/08. The grid was compiled from information submitted by 22 groups that responded to her call for goals. In the past, Cabinet determined annual goals based on input from the Councils and Cabinet members. After examining the grid it was clear that there was a variety of difference among the various groups that submitted goals-some were very strategic new emphases; others appeared to be normal activities; some were too broad and not specific enough; others were not actual goals. In some cases no goals were submitted for a particular area. It was also apparent that we need to incorporate goals that run across the Libraries as well as goals for individual units/campuses, and we need outcome measures to assess meeting goals. The process thus far highlighted the need for more specific instructions and perhaps some training on how to establish goals. None the less, the data submitted was valuable and Cabinet suggested that we do another iteration re- arranging the goals with the most strategic at the top of the list and others listed below with notes on what additional information might be needed. These would be reviewed at another meeting.

Gaunt emphasized that we needed to think very strategically in selecting goals from among the many good ideas that were submitted. We may not have the resources to accomplish all of the goals in a specific year, but budget decisions will follow goals planning. Additionally, we need to ensure that all units of the Libraries are working towards these goals in whatever way their unit can contribute. Gaunt, Boyle, and Fredenburg will work on the document and post it on our Sakai site for review.



The Foundation has hired Advancement Resources to conduct training on fundraising and advancement; open to development officers and deans.

Carol Herring announced that within the next month we should be getting information about the areas of accomplishment that the President wants to see happen by the end of the capital campaign; a searchable database will soon be available with all the categories.

Zapcic is working on an NEH grant for collection development in global studies with Sewell; also working on a fundraising initiative that would bring a major collection here and found a related institute at the university.

A Mellon grant is being submitted; President McCormick met with the Mellon Foundation president and the libraries project was among the topics discussed.

We are getting three different proposals for the format of the glossy annual report to upgrade it as a promotional piece. Calendar of events now looks more progressive. Harry and Ken are preparing packets for new faculty reception at the president's house.

Harry is involved in the communicators' network. He invited and met with Ana Alaya, Star Ledger reporter, to talk with RU communications staff about potential topics at RU that would be of interest to the Star Ledger.

The Association for American Publishers is launching their campaign against open access; the Libraries should be involved in these discussions.


The first meeting of Committee on Scholarly Communication has been scheduled for next Monday. We will be dealing with open access issues and try to define what that means for RUL. Our role is to support the faculty in the changing scholarly communications environment.

Working on non- state collections funds allocations; should be sent out next week.


"The  Rutgers-Newark Chorus in Wales: Re-visiting Paul Robeson through Song," a photographic exhibit documenting the Chorus's recent trip to Wales, will be on display at the Newark Dana Library from September 6-26, 2007; an opening reception was held on September 6 at the University Club. The group gave concerts in several locations where Paul Robeson, noted Rutgers alumnus and international humanitarian, sang.

French printmaker exhibit opens on Thursday.


"Suellen Glashausser and her Circles," exhibit opening reception will be held on October 17 at 5 p.m. in the Scholarly Communication Center.

"Vacation!" is on exhibit in Special Collections and University Archives from August 1- September 22, 2007. Joseph will put the exhibition catalog on the Sakai site.


Dent will attend a meeting on Transforming Undergraduate Education.


ARTstor presentation has been scheduled for October 26, 2007.


We will hear this month about the NJVid grant from IMLS; would be transformative for the state.

On Friday we will meet with Star Ledger reporter Ana Alaya and demonstrate the work we are doing for Virginia Tech archiving the images and memorabilia from the tragedy.

Hope that we will go live on October 1 with RUCore; would like to get feedback from the SCC and bring to Cabinet.

At an upcoming Cabinet meeting, will demo a streamlined approach to copyright that the faculty will not find too complicated.


Two professional development sessions are scheduled for September 26 and October 31. The September 26 session is on building and leading high performance teams; the October 31 session is on motivation and leadership understanding. Sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Janice Levin building on the Livingston Campus.


We had our greeter program in the entrance to the Paul Robeson Library. We handed out Dum Dum Pops, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and Hershey Kisses along with guides, handouts, and a friendly smile.

The Impact Booth where students get their ID's handed out a coupon that students can return for a free Copicard.

Our Public Relations Department is writing up a story idea about our Plagiarism tutorial and will pitch it to various media outlets.

We received our new computer furniture for both our computer area and the new OIT lab. We also got 18 OIT computers with flat screen monitors that are 3 years old to replace our older public computers. The old lab in the front of the Library will be renovated with new furniture, flooring, walls, and artwork during the fall semester.

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