University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 25, 2007 Meeting

Agnew, Au, Boyle, Denda, Dent, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Puniello, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report – Gaunt

Hope everyone saw the article in The Star Ledger on the Virginia Tech and Rutgers University Libraries' collaboration to create the digital archive of memorabilia relating to the tragic shootings on campus several months ago. Virginia Tech turned to us because of our repository infrastructure, which could be quickly adapted for their use.

VP Furmanski will meet with the faculty on Friday at 11:00 a.m. to discuss the dean's review process. For additional information about the process, please see "Rutgers University Senate Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee (FAPC) Response to Charge S- 0309, Evaluation of Administrators Review, as amended by the Senate, March 26, 2004 at Furmanski will explain the process, his timing, and answer questions; I encourage you to attend.

Attended the new faculty reception at the President's house yesterday; packets were distributed from the Libraries; Glazer and John Brennan did a wonderful job in preparing and distributing the packets.

The President will give his Annual Address to the University Community on Friday afternoon. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Gaunt attended the VALE executive committee meeting yesterday; one of the agenda items was new articulation agreements between two and four-year schools; the speaker, a faculty member at Mercer County College who was on the committee that prepared the articulation guidelines, addressed the group; said information literacy is described as an optional curriculum element; none the less we will have an opportunity to demonstrate how information literacy can be included; the VALE members council will develop a process to address this opportunity; Cabinet may want to include this topic on a future agenda.

NIH legislation on open access will be voted on soon; we want to make sure it doesn't slip backward at the end of the process; there is an understanding that even if the mandatory language isn't included in the bill at the end, NIH does feel it has a strong mandate to require it.

Virtual Reference Demonstration - N. Borisovets

Borisovets reviewed with Cabinet the recommendations made by the Virtual Reference Task Force concerning the expansion of RUL virtual reference services to once again include chat reference; she demonstrated how the service works. The Task Force focused primarily on two options: participation in Q&A NJ, a federally-funded 24/7 chat reference service managed by the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative, or the use of Meebome, an anonymous Instant Message (IM) service.

Meebome is a widget (code that can be embedded into any web page) that enables you to put a chat window on some - or all - of your web pages. Meebome is anonymous IM - it doesn't require anyone to have or create an IM account. Users simply type into the query box, and at their end librarians do the same. A number of academic libraries, including Kansas State, Oregon State, University of California-Berkeley, the University of Waterloo, and Washington State University, are currently using Meebome to provide chat reference services.

When the service was tested over the summer, it was anticipated that we would start in the fall; now the timing will be at the end of the semester when things are slower or in the spring.

Agreed that during a pilot phase of any new service, participation may be voluntary, but once it is decided that a service will be made a permanent part of the Libraries public service program, it is no longer voluntary. Borisovets commented on the positive value of adding chat reference to our repertoire, but noted that it will most likely not have the highest level of demand among our reference services.

What was discovered during a pilot, was that users liked an instant response but they didn't necessarily demand an instant answer.

A few items still needed to be addressed: need to make sure we can capture statistics; since it's anonymous, need to validate where the archive is kept and the time period. We might want investigate how users can copy an answer to their query.

Agnew will work with Borisovets on the description of the service on the website and where it will appear on the database page.

Cabinet thanked Natalie and the committee of Marty Kesselman, Vib Bowman, and Kevin Mulcahy, and charged her to do the pilot and plan on moving forward; when it has been determined that a reasonable amount of testing has been done, declare it a success and a add it to our regular pubic services program.

P4P Report - Fredenburg

Fredenburg reviewed the FY 2007-2008 Pay-for-Performance program. This year's program consists of a 4.8 percent permanent pool based on the aggregate salaries of eligible non?aligned employees and is comparable to the salary programs recently negotiated for our other employee groups. Based on individual performance, salary increases of 2 percent to 6.5 percent will be awarded to those eligible non?aligned employees meeting standards. The minimums and maximums of the applicable salary scales will be increased by 4 percent, effective July 1, 2007. The group under review for merit increases now does not include those A/P/S employees who will be part of the new union. Fredenburg will inquire of the university's Human Resources department to ascertain whether we should continue to use our regular review process for all A/P/S employees until the new union contract is settled. We expect the university to verify the names of those who will be included in this merit review cycle; the employees who received a does not meet standards appraisal there is an appeal process.

Cabinet members should read the handouts about the process and wait for the official list before making recommendations.

Confidentiality Policy Revision - Boyle

Boyle noted that our confidentiality policy needed revision because there may be circumstances where the police need to confiscate materials (such as computers) that contain evidence to ensure that they will be safe, untampered with, and available as evidence in a case. Computers may be considered contraband because they have evidence on them. The police do have to have a court order to access the information; however, in this case they may need to take the physical item.

Cabinet approved the revision. Boyle noted that Cabinet was given phone numbers to reach university counsel should their staff contact them needing to reach university counsel concerning a subpoena or other related issues.

RUcore Faculty Deposit System - R. Marker

Rhonda Marker previewed the faculty deposit system in RUcore. Marker's new role is facilitation for RUcore - to make sure that the collections are made available and for the   long term. She previewed three sections: Faculty Portal, Collections, and Collaborations. The Faculty Portal is set up to make it easy for the faculty and contains searching, depositing, participating, and policies. Under Collections, we have added the university's    electronic theses and dissertations, and some faculty/departmental collections, and under Collaborations, we have WAAND and the NJDH. Right now submissions are being reviewed in the workflow management system before going into RUcore to be searched and located.

Rhonda gave an explanation of what happens when you participate in RUcore - registration, licensing, and submission. RUcore will catalog, index and display, provide personalized access by creating a custom portal with only your material. We can provide statistics and reports and make your resource permanently available. Depositing your work takes you to the login page, where you can login with your netID. The first time you log in, you must agree to the terms.

Marker noted that several offices and individuals have already suggested items for inclusion. Gaunt noted that while this is good news, each case needs to be investigated carefully as other university/library units may need to be involved for university administrative records and academic records, and that many of our faculty may be editors of publications that are not owned by the university.

The demonstration showed much progress and the screens look clear and easy to use. Gaunt recommended that the AULs review the system to ensure that all aspects of RUcore have been met satisfactorily from their area's perspective so we can go live in October.

Gaunt thanked Marker and Linda Langschied, co-chairs of the committee, and committee members Rebecca Gardner, Triveni Kuchi, Karen Hartman, Chad Mills, and Kalavaini Ananthan for their good work.



Two new group study rooms recently constructed were opened for use on the 3rd floor of Alexander Library.

The marketing team is working with access services to have kiosks in the student centers in New Brunswick; will also go to Camden and Newark. There will be signage and tables with literature where the staff will help students get their netID; vendors are giving out RUL cup warmers; please volunteer to man the table if you have time.


Agnew will be away at many meetings this month; will attend the AMIA conference Thursday and Friday; will be leaving Friday for a week's vacation; will be a plenary speaker at Georgia Library Association meeting in Washington.

John Brennan distributed the library packets at the new faculty reception.


October 17 is the opening for Suellen Glashausser exhibit; used her work for the WAAND directory brochure. Twenty-three artists' works will be presented.

We have lined up one more artist for the 13th Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium on November 2 in Newark; Clarissa Sligh, the daughter of a civil rights photographer.


Denda will be attending the conference on the Center for Human Rights at Columbia University representing RUL.


Bowman and Golden will attend the academic integrity conference in New Brunswick; will be on a panel with other speakers from other campuses to discuss plagiarism.

Camden County gave Cooper Hospital in Camden $60M raised through bonds; this may lead to a medical school in Camden; will have a building on that campus to be constructed in 2009 or 2010.


Cabinet will attend the professional development program at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow in the Janis Levin Building on the Livingston Campus.


President McCormick met with the leaders on the campus; he gave a preview of what he'll be saying at his message to the University community on Friday; one focus is on alums. Au met with the three new campus deans.

Campus enrollment is at an all time high; campus housing at 103% capacity. Good sign that the new dormitory has filled up completely and looking at additional graduate housing.

We received another 128 books for the Camoes Institute at Dana.


Watch for state of the libraries emails and call for demos; encourage your staff to attend.


Dent has been invited to give a talk in London on the use of aging technology in a digital environment.

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