University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 11, 2008 Meeting

Agnew, Au, Boyle, Dent, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Joseph, Sewell, Zapcic
Denda, Puniello

Meeting with Middle States Team

Following the welcome and introductions of Cabinet and the Middle States team members, Gaunt gave a brief overview of the RUL system and reviewed new developments that are defining who we are. Although the focus of the review is undergraduate education, Valeda reported on our engagement in teaching and with the curriculum, and Jeanne gave an overview on assessment. This was followed by general questions from the Middle States team members.

Middle States Debrief - Gaunt

Gaunt thanked everyone for their participation - especially Valeda and Jeanne for the two big areas; they did a really great job; covered collections, space, and digital collections. The team had their own agenda; didn't get any sign from them that there was a particular issue; think we will be fine. I've heard from other people where they were hit with different things.

Rutgers Ethics Education Program - Fredenburg

As a follow-up to the SCI report, the ethics committee released new regulations that will apply to all public employees in the state; the original was written so strictly it didn't take into consideration the culture of higher education. Fredenburg attended an information session at UHR last week and received the handout, which was shared with Cabinet. UHR is charged with handling the education and the new ethics program; there will be online training that every employee, including student employees, will have to go through. UHR is handling ethics requirements for staff; the Office of Academic Affairs will be dealing with faculty. More will become apparent once the online educational tool is available; as Cabinet members, it is our responsibility to make sure our groups are well aware of the program and the rules. The Rutgers Ethics Education Program will be available beginning in mid-April; employees will be able to sign up for 90 minute courses as they would any other workshop. All staff and faculty will be expected to complete an ethics education course each calendar year. There will be a Web site up shortly with more information and an online tutorial will be available; distinct one for faculty and one for others.

P4P the training is coming up. Marilyn sent out the email about the information sessions that are scheduled for later this month; encourage your staff members and supervisors to attend.

University Librarian's Report -Gaunt

Gaunt discussed the current budget situation with Cabinet; handouts were distributed to Cabinet detailing summary budget and expenditure projections 2008 and prepays for fiscal year 2008. Funds available for prepays are $486,318; need to think strategically about what we want to pay; the university hasn't given us a figure yet, but need to think about what a 10% budget cut would mean to us; if we get a 10% cut we'll have to do layoffs; it would be a 2.7M cut to us; unless we don't buy a book or slash collections, we don't have that much in staff vacancies or operating funds. Need to be prepared for whatever budget cut we are given so we can implement as of July 1; won't know what the budget is until June 30. We are fine with the collections budget in the sense we can think of 10% cancellation now. If we decide we are going to have layoffs, need to decide how we will want to handle them. Need to talk about ongoing recruitments; will have some idea of cutbacks by May or June; early retirements will happen really fast to get people off the payroll by June 30.

Cabinet needs to think about revenue generation, possibly in the way of grants; a number of other states and state universities are going through huge budget cuts; would be advisable to get information from other libraries to see how they handle it; realize all are done differently but might be some themes; can check our aspirant institutions. Boyle noted that the action plan we are working on may help us identify what things we have to put on hold. A budget discussion will be on the next Cabinet agenda; Gaunt will inform Cabinet as soon as she hears from the University.

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