University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 3, 2009 Meeting

Boyle, Denda, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Goodman, Puniello, Sewell, Winston
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Golden

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

The New Jersey State Library is planning an advocacy campaign for library support that will start with a snapshot of a typical day in the library for which they are seeking library data, such as number of visitors, number of reference questions, etc. that would capture what would be missed if libraries were closed for a day. They are asking for participation; Cabinet agreed that it would be important for the state university library to participate. The specific details regarding what data we will capture will be forthcoming. Goodman agreed to serve as our point person to coordinate the RUL response.

An ALA debriefing on activities/programs from the recent ALA meeting will be held February 23 from noon-1:30 in the Pane room; everyone is encouraged to attend both to report and to hear from others on information of interest to RUL.

Gaunt will be attending the PALINET Board meeting on February 4 where the votes on the merger of PALINET and SOLINET will be revealed; it is expected to be passed by the membership. Gaunt will be on the Board of the new consortium, Lyrasis. She will also be attending the VALE Executive committee meeting on Friday where there will be a follow-up to her presentation at the VALE Users' conference on potential areas of collaboration among academic libraries into the future.

Gaunt reviewed several important items from the recent Dean's Council meeting:

Fredenburg reported that Aon Consulting has been retained by the state of New Jersey to conduct a Dependent Eligibility Verification audit; some of our librarians and staff may have already received a letter. The request for documentation is not targeted toward any individual employee, but if you receive a letter, you are required to submit the requested documentation. If you have any questions you can visit University Human Resources FAQ page at or call Aon Consulting at 866-641- 5651 and enter 8642 when prompted for the Company Identification Number. As always, you can also call University Libraries Human Resources at 732-932-7505 and we will be happy to assist you. Fredenburg will notify rul_everyone of the audit.

Report on Library Presentation for New Brunswick Faculty Council - Sewell

Sewell reviewed with Cabinet the PowerPoint presentation he made to the New Brunswick Faculty Council on Friday; the report encompassed an update from his presentation to the NBFC in May 2008, an overview of comparative and historical perspective of the library system, and a future outlook. Within the comparative and historical perspective, Sewell made the assumptions that Rutgers needs to be competitive with its peer group to compete for top faculty and students, Rutgers needs a top library and information system so faculty can compete for research grants, Rutgers needs a top library and information system so it can recruit and retain top faculty and students, Rutgers needs a top library and information system so its students can be fully educated and competent, and the Rutgers Libraries are uniquely situated to provide services and scholarly information to every member of the university community to further these goals. The Council agreed with those assumptions; we have some real allies who are concerned about the Libraries, and hope we will get some support. Sewell also shared data about our current budget reduction scenario and its impact. The Council asked that Sewell's presentation be added to their website.

Sewell discussed the scholarly communication symposium scheduled for the fall; should come up with a draft list of specific recommendations we would like to come out of the symposium so that panel presenters incorporate the recommendations into their presentations.

Gaunt thanked Sewell for the wonderful job he did with his presentation and Agnew suggested that he add it to RUCore.

Follow-Up to State of the Libraries Fredenburg

Fredenburg reviewed the decision to use the November State of the Libraries to talk about the Libraries financial situation as well as brainstorm about where we want to go with our strategic plan. She noted that all the information from the State of the Libraries can be found at (link). One person commented on the Wiki, but we want to capitalize on the energy and the thinking that came out of the State of the Libraries. Cabinet agreed that State of the Libraries was an energizing exercise and engaged staff from all three campuses in the conversation of where the Libraries need to go in light of financial situation.

Fredenburg noted that two things are now converging the need to capitalize on feedback from State of the Libraries and the "No Brief Candle: Reconceiving Research Libraries for the 21st Century" report from the Council on Library Resources (CLIR). In an effort to tie feedback from State of the Libraries and this report together, it was suggested that we segue into a meeting with faculty and staff at the end of the March 6 Faculty meeting. An invitation has gone out to faculty asking them to volunteer to analyze certain chapters of the CLIR report for the open forum after the March 6 Faculty meeting; we should have presenters from each of the three campuses.

An invitation would now be sent encouraging all staff to attend the open forum, followed by breakout sessions that would go until 1 or 1:30 with lunch provided, where presenters could lead discussions on the three campuses. Start the conversation on reinventing our future and rethinking technology, allowing us to be more creative than we would have otherwise; the goal is to stretch people's thinking beyond the activities they mentioned the first time around. Facilitators at the State of the Libraries meeting would be invited to take notes at the faculty meeting. Gaunt thanked Fredenburg for the follow-up.


Agnew: Nominations for the NJLA Innovation Award are being solicited; Agnew asked for ideas; the Nursing Tutorial was suggested as a possibility.

Puniello: The outlet project will commence in this building in the next couple of weeks; they will do the noisy part first, the drilling, early each day starting at 7 a.m.-11 a.m.; the disruption will be the running of wires and the installing of the outlet boxes and dog houses. The project should all be finished by the end of March.

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