University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 9, 2009 Meeting

Agnew, Agnew, Boyle, Denda, Fredenburg, Gaunt, Goodman, Sewell, Winston
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Golden
Butman, Ellis, Gonzaga, Marker, Maxymuk (videoconferenced)
Fultz, Puniello

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Report Gaunt discussed the recently released report that resulted from the last AAUP contract negotiations when it was agreed that the role and status of non-tenure track faculty be examined. The recommendations will need to be approved by the President and sent to the Board of Governors for approval. Before that happens, Executive VP Furmanski has asked the deans to submit any advice or concerns. The task force working on the report met with all the deans for input. The Libraries had previously stated that we did not need a new track for non-tenure track librarians, and the report is not recommending that this apply to the Libraries. Nonetheless, Gaunt would like input from Cabinet and the Planning and Coordinating Committee on behalf of the faculty regarding any concerns they may have in general about these recommendations. Gaunt will ask Furmanski for the deadline for input.

Budget - $15 million has been put back into the budget by the governor for Rutgers from the federal stimulus funds. There may be restrictions on access to these funds, such as a cap on tuition, that have not yet been specified. The legislature needs to approve the budget by the end of June. We are still unsure if the unions will agree to salary freezes or propose other contributions to the budget shortfall. If the $15 million stands, we expect that our reduction figure will be lower. Until the final budget is known and our reduction scenario approved, we will refrain from filling any vacant positions that are not stated to be returned. Gaunt distributed a handout from Dean Hughes that provided background about the state's economy. It was noted that tax revenues have fallen precipitously, causing the major financial problems for the state. Hughes does not predict that the state will come back to the 2008 levels of revenue until 2014. This means hard years ahead.

CNI Handouts and summaries of the programs at the recent CNI meeting have been posted on the ARL website. Some of the project briefings look interesting.

ARL A resolution was passed at the recent membership meeting that asked libraries to refrain from signing any contracts that required confidentiality of licensing terms for databases. She noted that the theme of the membership meeting was collaboration and the value libraries bring to the institution. One presenter noted that we need to change the focus of how we express the library of the future, our role in the institution, and what we contribute. We should think of the library not solely as a collections-focused organization but one of expertise (highlighting the librarian/staff role); from a presentation focus to a process focus; from an access focus to a sense making focus; from a mediator role to an enabler role; and from a local focus to a global focus. Cliff Lynch spoke about the changing perception of the institutional repository where many are confused about what an IR is/does. He noted that he hears IRs have been failures, but expressed his concern that we have not thought about what we want to accomplish with them or what they enable. He said we should think of them less as "infrastructure," though they are, but more as an enabler of partnerships with the faculty and groups of scholars and as an enabler of new services and collaborations.

PC Working Group Report Butman, Gonzaga, Maxymuk

Butman, Gonzaga, and Maxymuk presented two reports from the PC Working Group. The first was on an automated back-up service. Gonzaga noted that currently staff do not regularly back up their work, or, if they do they only back-up a portion of their work. The current back-up system provides some support but not everything that is needed. Their proposal for a new system would mitigate against a major disaster. They considered two approaches a tape back-up and a network back-up. After review they recommended the network back-up as more efficient for the IT staff as well as for users. The tape back-up appeared to be the only solution for Newark and Camden, but Golden suggested that we discuss with OIT whether they would back-up Dana and Robeson on their network servers. Cvetkovic asked about the privacy portion of managing back-ups, and Boyle noted that our current privacy policy covers this practice. She has just invited several librarians to participate on a privacy policy task force, and it will review such areas as working with library data. Cabinet approved their recommendation for the purchase of servers for next fiscal year to implement the system, and the plan to replace tier one servers (for critical systems) every three years, and tier two servers (for other operations) every five years. The suggested servers will scale to allow us to accommodate all the accumulated data for the number of years described.

The second report was for a new mail and calendaring client. Butman noted that OIT is no longer supporting RULink even though it is still being used, but they will be moving to Zimbra as a replacement. The costs will be fairly high for both the first year and maintenance thereafter. Systems is looking for a feature rich new system for the Libraries that will allow us to use the software to better integrate functionalities from a variety of areas and provide security, sustainability, and easy accessibility. They will be investigating the usage patterns for the RUL community who now use a variety of calendaring options and PDAs. The new system will feature both a centralized email system and calendaring solution accessible to all library faculty and staff. This work will take place over the next several months. Cabinet endorsed moving ahead with their plan.

Open ETD and ETD Roll-Out for RU Ellis and Marker

Ellis and Marker provided a demonstration of the Open ETD which will be made broadly available beyond Rutgers sometime this summer. They noted the feature enhancements that are now being used by the five graduate schools across the three campuses. They are currently working on the scripts and manual that will be made available with the open source version. Marker noted that the dissertations from Mason Gross are handled a little differently as the video is treated separately from the text. She also mentioned that the graduate schools can ask for embargos of a year, generally, if they wish to hold the dissertation from public view. Cabinet congratulated the team working on the open source version and on the reception to the ETDs within the university.

Expanded Agreement with UMDNJ - Boyle

Boyle reviewed the revised agreement with UMDNJ that addresses support for faculty and students in joint degree programs where both RU and UMDNJ faculty are teaching. The resource sharing piece is expanded from the previous agreement to show that the joint degree faculty and students in Camden and Newark now have remote access to each institution's databases. Boyle noted that the process for authenticating these faculty and students needs to be implemented.

Final Report and Recommendations of the Cost Savings and Efficiencies Task Force Boyle

Boyle discussed the work of the task force and their enthusiasm in examining many creative ideas for cost savings or revenue enhancement. They completed their report in a very short period of time. Cabinet applauded their work and discussed next steps. Gaunt asked Cabinet to review the report and to make recommendations on which areas they believe are important to pursue. Cabinet should confirm the recommendations that the task force made to rule out suggestions that could not be implemented for specified reasons. Boyle agreed to provide a grid for the report on which Cabinet members could respond. She asked that this be completed by August 1. Gaunt noted one suggestion to review staffing and departments based on our strategic plan and to make recommendations for changes that would enhance our use of library personnel. Fredenburg, Winston, Goodman, and Agnew agreed to prepare a document by June 30 for Cabinet review on a process we could use library-wide to accomplish this goal.

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